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Ali lives in Brooklyn with her adorably blind kitten, Minerva. When she’s not reading comics, talking about comics, or tweeting about comics, Ali spends her free time playing Lead for the Plainfield Curling Club, trying to talk as fast as Lorelai Gilmore, and solving mundane mysteries. If she could have any superpower in the world it would be telekinesis because even if she had super-speed, she’d still always be late.


Debra spends her time fighting for children, social justice, access to mental health care and substance abuse programs, LGBTQIA equality, and arts in school. She also fights for the right to love Glee unconditionally and to have Fanfiction seen as art. When she’s not emerged in the world of Glee through writing, or watching The Flash, Sense8 and OITNB, she steals away as many weekends as she can to spend her time in NYC and Broadway. In another world she’d move away to L.A. and write after school special episodes for Ryan Murphy…or anyone else that would have her.

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Gabby is a francophone Eastern Canadian social worker in the making who is particularly obsessed with TV shows that make her pause and cover her face with her hands. Her love of the small screen translated to comics when she started reading Buffy Season 8, and now she can’t get enough of the New Avengers. She also loves to cook, run, play the ukulele, read and live tweet TV shows. As a Smallville fan turned Superman fan, some days, she wishes he would save her, but most days, she just does it herself.

Jessica is a freelance writer currently living and working in Boston, where she works at a children’s bookstore. To avoid thinking about whether or not she wants to go to graduate school, and what for, she reads a lot of fantasy novels and watches Doctor Who. She has a particular fondness for rare and autographed books, which leads to quite a storage problem in her small apartment.

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Julia lives in Northern Virginia as a editorial/library assistant. She’s been a comics and science fiction/fantasy fan all her life. When she’s not perfecting her Wonder Woman twirl, she does needlework.


Lisa is a 33-year old comm-electronics technician who’s been interested in superheroes, science fiction and horror since she was a teenager. She spent more time in the library and the comic shop than she spent in class in High School, and would worry you’d judge her for it except anyone who says they spent more time doing calculus than creating White Wolf characters in the 90s is a liar anyway.


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Mandy lives and works in Los Angeles for the monster that is the Hollywood machine as a marketing manager. In past lives she has worked in the comic book industry and for large technological behemoths, but ultimately decided to shift from the East Coast to the Best Coast. A noted fan of the Star Wars, Kanye West, street food, Joe Biden, most comics, and Disney Parks, she always has an opinion to share and is willing to fight you. Mandy also owns a dog and a garbage cat. Mayonnaise is terrible.

Marie lives in Chicago where she just finished her Master’s in Writing and Publishing. By day, she is a junior copywriter and graphic designer for a boutique ad agency. By night, she shamelessly loses herself to PC gaming and Fanfiction.net. In addition to being easily distracted by science, wizards, and period dramas, she enjoys reading manga, indie web comics, and pictures of Tom Hiddleston.

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Our resident photo journalist, Matt is also a computer scientist and mathematician.

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Social worker by day and denizen of the internet by night, Pocky enjoys exploring all that the fangirl life has to offer. She is a fanfic writer, novice cosplayer, voracious reader and certified Twitter addict. Tabletop RPGs, Transformers, and tokusatsu are among her favorite things. Pocky joins her fellow contributor TSB in hosting the Toku Ladies Podcast, which analyzes Power Rangers and other toku series from an intersectionalist feminist perspective. She resides in upstate NY with three cats and one very tolerant husband.

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Sara is a 22-year-old med student. She is absurdly proud of being from Brooklyn. Her parents are from Syria, making her fluent in English, Arabic, and Sarcasm. Sara has a twin sister, Yara, and together, they have made it their mission in life to wreak havoc wherever they go. So far, they’ve been fairly successful. If Sara were ever to be immortalized in comics, she would want it to be as part of the Batfamily. Her real aspiration is to be the Robin Beyond to Terry McGinnis’ Batman, who she has wanted to marry ever since she saw him at the ripe age of eleven. Her least favorite smell is that of moldy sponge and she is deathly afraid of cockroaches. Her favorite food is chicken shwarma and loves secondhand bookstores.

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Sigrid is an air traffic controller, a geek, a parent, a home schooler, a lesbian, and an American liberal. She is polyamorous, partnered, and dating. Her family is multi-ethnic and adopted. Sigrid is an editor for Mad Norwegian Press, working on their Girl Geek line of books, and editor in chief of Apex Magazine.

She spends most of her free time thinking about comics, tv, movies, and culture.

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TSB is a librarian, a redhead, and has a brown belt in jiu jitsu. Sadly, she is still not actually Batgirl. She cohosts the Toku Ladies Podcast, the only podcast that analyzes Power Rangers and tokusatsu from an intersectionalist feminist perspective.

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