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If Anika had a million dollars – she’d go back to school for marine biology, sell her house and pack her daughter on to an (internet ready!) boat, and sail the world saving marine life and writing a truly wonderful memoir about being a whale-saving-mommy-on-a-boat. Or she’d get her Masters in Clinical Social Work and work as a children’s therapist with an office that featured quotes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland colorfully painted on the wall. Or she’d buy her own record company, put out fandom inspired albums and comic book musicals and go on tour as Becky Ryan of The Order.

But if Anika had a billion dollars, she’d be Batman.


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Sam is a recovering lawyer in her early 30s. She considers it her life’s goal to see every lesbian(ish) movie ever made, even the bad ones. There are a lot of bad ones. She’s written about everything from Bollywood romantic comedies to monogendered aliens in the Mass Effect video games, and she has been known to livetweet her viewings of Pretty Little Liars. Her beloved dog is named Ollie (after Queen) despite being a female, because Sam thinks traditional gender norms are kind of annoying. She is an unapologetic anglophile, and has, since the age of six, secretly dreamed of being the reincarnation of King Arthur. She’s willing to settle for being Renee Montoya’s sidekick.

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Caroline has been a teacher, a published poet, a moderately successful quiz show contestant, and a petty bureaucrat. If she’s not talking about comic books, at any given moment, she’s probably talking about Bruce Springsteen or King Lear. Spend enough time with her and you’ll get used to it.In the past, Caroline’s favorite comic books have been Matt Fraction’s The Order and Fabian Nicieza’s Cable & Deadpool. Her favorite comic book at the moment is a closely guarded secret, so that the Powers that Be don’t find out and cancel it.

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Jennifer fell into comics in 2006 while looking for a superhero story better written than X-Men: The Last Stand. An academic at heart, she co-founded Fantastic Fangirls as a venue to share her scholarly thoughts about comic books, thoughts she would later use to earn her MA in media and cultural studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Six years after picking up her first comic book and falling headfirst into comic book culture, Jennifer was hired by Marvel Comics and spent a year as an assistant editor in the X-Men office. Now she’s returned to FF, eager to jump back into work of feminist geek blogging as she prepares to return to Madison to earn her PhD.