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  • Hello Fantastic Fangirls!

    If you could let us know how best to send them, we’d like to send you review copies/downloads of the following…

    Starstruck: Women in Comics in Space!

    Before Sackhoff’s Starbuck, there was Brucilla the Muscle, before River Tam, came Galatia 9, and before Blade Runner’s Pris appeared on the big screen, Erotica Ann 333 made her debut in the ground-breaking comic series, Starstruck!

    Now Starstruck returns in two exciting formats…

    The Starstruck Deluxe Edition from IDW, a collection of all 13 issues of the remastered classic comic series by Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta – a head-spinning, synapse-snapping, soul-searing ride to a world like no other… the world of Starstruck!

    And from The AudioComics Company, a full-cast audio production of the science fiction comedy that spawned the comic series, Starstruck, available on compact disc and MP3 download!

    Find us on Amazon, iTunes, the IDW and AudioComics websites, or at a comic shop or store near you!

    The fate of the free Multiverse is in your hands!

  • Frostbite883

    Is it all right to post a question anywhere or specifically somewhere here.

  • Anika

    Hi Frostbite, you may ask questions here, on any post, or via email.

  • Frostbite883

    Oh, okay.

    Thanks for letting me know.