Q & A 33: What comics story do you want reimagined or covered, and by whom?

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What comics story do you want reimagined or covered, and by whom?


I am the only person I know, or know of, who likes Here Comes Tomorrow (the end of Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men). But I really like it. I like the apocalyptic future, I like Jean and Logan’s interaction, I like the Creepy Cuckoos acting as Cerebro. I really like the wacky cast of characters. I love the re-emergence of the White Phoenix, and her “crowning”. And I absolutely adore Tom Skylark and his pet sentinel (not to mention his sentinel girlfriend!). On the negative side we have Dark Beast and his overly cerebral nattering, the overwrought drug plot that is a negative of Morrison’s whole run, and of course the whole “Jean OKs the Scott and Emma” controversy. But I can put up with that stuff for the sake of Princess Jean and my robots.

I would love, love, love to see another take on this story line. I’ve said forever: Tom and Rover deserve their own series. And of course it should be written by Sean McKeever, who I recently discovered is one of my most favorite authors when I purchased X-Men Origin: Jean Grey, Teen Titans and Spiderman Loves Mary Jane at once and they were all written by him. He also wrote Sentinel so he understands the bond between man and machine.


Watchmen 2 is one of those running jokes, almost on the level of Hamlet 2, a story that nobody would really want to see because — clearly — the story itself is complete and trying to continue it would be fruitless. It’s equally obvious that any attempt to rewrite Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ original story — Ultimate Watchmen! — would be a pointless exercise. That said — I’ve always been fascinated by the Minutemen, the first generation superheroes who appear briefly in the series, whose more complete lives are hinted at in the prose sections of the novel, or the credit sequence in Zack Snyder’s film. I’d be completely in favor of a ‘Minutemen’ anthology in which various writers and artists gave their interpretation of Hooded Justice or Captain Metropolis, Silhouette or the first Silk Spectre.


One of the first X-Men stories I read was Chris Claremont’s 1980s Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries, in which Kitty Pryde is trained (by force and mind-control) to be a ninja by Logan’s vaguely demonic mentor, Ogun.

One of my most recent favorite series was Fred Van Lente’s run on Wolverine: First Class, which looked at Kitty and Logan’s friendship with new eyes and filled in their between-the-issues adventures from the 1980s era.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

It’s not that I don’t love Claremont’s old writing. But the original Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries is very much a product of its time, and I’d love to see it redone with a modern comics sensibility, clearing up (or at least more explicitly condemning) the creepy consent issues, shining a brighter spotlight on characterization, and streamlining the pieces of the story. And Van Lente, who, in Wolverine: First Class, wrote easily the best Wolverine I’ve read in years, and the best teenage Kitty, would be the perfect candidate.


I have such a love, such a deep and passionate love for the Bill Sienkiewicz era of New Mutants. Demon bears. Legion. Gladiators. Drugs. I seriously love these books, and have likely re-read these single issues more than any other single issues I own. (Okay, with the exception of Uncanny #173, #188-193, #196, #200-203, and #206. /massive geek outburst.)

Anyway. What I loved about these New Mutants storylines is the incredibly good characterization and character moments in the midst of this dark, dark art. It made the Marvel U seem like a real and tangible threat to the kids in Xavier’s school. I worried about them, felt for them, fretted over their health and safety. I talked to the kids about their bad choices. Yes, often aloud and while waiting at bus stops. Seriously, Rahne, stop listening to your guardian and start listening to Dani! Dani, don’t worry so much, you’re doing fine! Sam, RELAX.

Anyway. Ahem.

What I would love to see — please please please — is the New Mutants & Cloak and Dagger crossover drug story reworked and reimagined by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber. Rahne possessed by Dagger’s power, Bobby falling into Cloak’s hell, Dani and Sam and Illyana having to figure out how to save them would all be great. But Rahne’s fairy tale interpretations of events would be amazing as retold by this creative team.

What comics story do you want reimagined or covered, and by whom?

  • sigrid

    I kind of love the days on which I don’t see any of your answers until posting. It’s like this great surprise.

    @Anika Oh, I *love* that Sentinal mini! I didn’t know anybody else had ever read it, but I am not surprised to find out that YOU are the other person who loves it. :grins:

    @Caroline Now I want to read that. An anthology, a little bit like Comic Book Tattoo, only in-character fanworks done from the perspective of people during the era of the Minutemen, perhaps?

    @Jennifer Great, great pick. I know that you and I disagree on the creepy consent issues. I think they *have* to stay there, that they are a part of the story that makes Kitty’s eventual choices more powerful. (But this is also part of what I like and defend about Dollhouse, and you and I agree to disagree on this point, I think?) That said, I honestly can’t think of who else I would pick for this story. Van Lente would be perfect.

  • Sam

    I’d like to see someone redo Camelot 3000. I really enjoy the idea of the story, but the 80s’ idea of the future is… laughable now. I didn’t read it until about six months ago, and the art and story both seem dated. I feel like a modern writer/artist team could give it a spin that just feels more correct and holds up better with time. I love retro-future ideas, but most of the ones from that decade just don’t hold as well as the ones written in the 50s and 60s. I liked the struggle of the knights to find themselves in the 40th century, but I didn’t feel like the 40th century reflected well enough on the 20th century that the writers were coming from.

    As for that writer/artist team. Hm. I’m currently enamored with Greg Rucka and Gail Simone. I think Rucka does really interesting things with mythological constructs (I’m basing this on the Crime Bible stuff) and I just like the way Gail Simone thinks about and writes comics (there’s a great interview with her on AfterEllen that really piqued my interest in her writing) and I think between them they could put out a good story with interesting characters and a good adapted mythos. I will absolutely admit to mainly wanting to see the Tristan/Isolde story retold by a modern writer, but the rest of it would be great, too.

    And artists, hmmmmm. I know less about artists. I really enjoy the more realistic style of Stuart Immomen, whom I recently discovered, and I think it would work well for that kind of story. Also a cover or two by Alex Ross would be iconic and amazing.

    So that’s my personal answer. I was an Arthurian geek before I was ever a comic geek. :)

    @Caroline I’d also love to see a Minutemen-era book, because I find that period in history totally fascinating, and the bits we got in Under the hood and the few flashbacks only served to pique my interest even more. In that universe I also wouldn’t mind seeing a Streets of Gotham-esque title where we follow regular people around through the years as these costumed heroes start to assert their presence in society.

  • @Sigrid I actually don’t mind creepy consent issues when they’re handled well — and I think they were on Dollhouse, honestly. No disagreement there. I’m just never sure how much of Claremont’s writing of such things is INTENTIONAL, so it gets stuck in a weird limbo place. I wouldn’t mind the consent issues staying, but I’d like them to be a little more… consistent? Intentional? And I think Fred Van Lente has mature enough sensibilities that he could handle that.

  • Dan

    @Caroline I’d buy that Minutemen anthology in a heartbeat.

    @Sigrid I’m not really a big C&D fan, but I’ll read anything with the original New Mutant line-up.

    I’ve been thinking about what storyline I’d like to see retold, and the only one I can come up with is the “War Games” arc in the Bat-books. I loved the basic plot, but hated a lot of the details–namely killing Steph and turning Doc Thompkins into a murderer.

  • I already got that – Teen Titans Year One (by Amy Wolfram) took some of my favorite crack filled Silver Age Titans stories and updated them. But they had everything I love about the Teen Titans in them. *ten million hearts*

    (I actually love all of the Year One stories. Well, except for Green Arrow.)

    I guess… I would like an updated take on Oracle Year One. I love the Suicide Squad issues and various flashbacks, but I’d like to see more of it, and the aftermath of the Killing Joke, and her deciding she could be a different kind of hero and still be awesome.

  • @Anika — Man, I might actually be able to read ‘Here Comes Tomorrow’ if it were just about a kid with a pet robot. I can’t really say I dislike that book b/c I’ve never been able to read past the Scott/Emma stuff and subsequent blinding rage. I almost suggested Whedon re-writing the psychic affair story but that’s basically what Astonishing X-Men was — and that’s how I feel about a lot of potential answers to this question. A lot of comics get written by people essentially covering older stories, and if it doesn’t happen in comics it happens in movies or other media. I think the animated X-Men improves the plot of Dark Phoenix on some levels, the Iron Man movie does a good job of streamlining Tony’s continuity over a lot of years, etc.

  • well, I can’t think of anything old-school I’d like to see re-done. I’d like to see Wolverine: Origin reimagined by someone talented, because that was a load of crap. I think I’d also like to see Brian Michael Bendis write the rebirth of Superman and Warren Ellis write Batman R.I.P. Yeah.

  • DreamWings

    I don’t have the info. in front of me; but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen multiple articles which state that a Minutemen movie is in the works.

  • I don’t think I’d be that fussed now, but I remember the (original) Deathblow series from Wildstorm fondly, but after the first ten or so issues of Tim Sale art, the art is horrible for the rest of the run. I would’ve/would? like to see the last storyline, where the Team 7 guys do the (cliced and perhaps naff, I know, but I like it) banding together again to do in their old boss. The events of the book were fine, for the most part (god knows what the dialogue reads like now) but the art was soo effing bad and one or two of the side villains were just rubbish.

    Actually, on a Wildstorm note, I’d like to see someone take DV8 and carry the story on from where Warren Ellis left, ignoring the tosh that followed (possible exception of the Tom Raney Issues, they were quite good).

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