Q&A 242: What’s a favorite rom com?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What’s a favorite rom com?



Amélie, about an awkward and adorable introvert with a fanciful imagination and a knack for manipulation — grown up Alice in Wonderland, basically.



I love 1999’s Drive Me Crazy starring Adrian Grenier and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Grenier is, as teenage Jessica would say, SO FRICKIN’ CUTE, and the uber-90s soundtrack is A+++. This movie is amazing.




You’ve Got Mail = The only rom com that really matters.



My favorite romcom is definitely Saving Face, which is the adorable story of the adorable Wil, who is closeted lesbian first generation Chinese-American doctor in NYC, and her mom, Gao. Wil meets Vivian, who is a dancer and she starts a relationship but it’s complicated because, well, she’s a first generation closeted lesbian Chinese-American doctor. Also then her mom gets pregnant, and is shunned by her family and social circle. WIL IS ADORABLE (she is played by Michelle Krusiec who played an aged-up Molly O’Brien in DS9, so yeah) in case I didn’t previously mention, and her chemistry with Vivian is wonderful and her relationship to her mom is great. Also it’s written and directed by a Chinese-American lesbian (so I guess it’s semi-autobiographical?). This movie definitely flew under the radar, but has aged well, and in recent years has edged past my previous favorite romcoms (The Cutting Edge and Imagine Me & You) to come out on top.

So what about you? What’s a favorite rom com?