Q&A 238: Who’s Your Favorite Under-Appreciated Character?

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Who’s your favorite under appreciated character?


Irene Merryweather, whole official Marvel Universe title is Chronicler, in which her job is — literally — to keep track of Nathan Charles Christopher Dayspring “Cable” Summer’s backstory. No living human should have to understand Cable’s story (which involves time travel, a variety of real and fake deaths, a constantly evolving power set, a techno organic virus, and hanging out with Deadpool) but Irene gives it her all. She’s lost her job at ‘The Daily Planet’ because of him, helped him run two countries at the same time, and once he was missing for an entire year and (despite the fact that he is an enormous man with a metal arm) Irene was the only one who noticed.


Audrey from Atlantis. Pretty much everyone in Atlantis, and the film as a whole, is underrated but in Audrey’s case it feels criminal. She’s brilliant with machines, speaks her mind, stands up for what’s right, befriends other outcasts and is a wonderfully layered feminist Latina who deserves to be celebrated not forgotten.



Leah Murphy. Oh, Leah Murphy. I will carry my torch on this sinking ship foreeeeever. Leah Murphy, for those of you who are not familiar with Grey’s Anatomy, was one of a few interns introduced in season, I don’t know, 50 or something. At first she was totally the mean girl, and then the clingy girl, but it’s Grey’s and people Go Through Stuff and, like the other interns with whom she was introduced (two of them still exist on the show!), she became more complex and complicated. But then she did the unthinkable, she slept with 1/2 of the Untouchable Queer Couple (who are magical sparkle ponies that must be together forever even when they’re making each other miserable), Calzona, and fandom flipped out. And Leah Murphy was written off the show, and I’m not saying it was because of the fans, but boy was the fandom toxic at the time (it’s not much better now that someone else is sleeping with the other half of Calzona) and my feeling is always I want more queer women in my media, but you know.

Sorry, that turned into a rant.

I miss Leah Murphy.tumblr_muxm4tjw0Q1qf5f9no1_500

So what about you? Who’s your favorite under appreciated character?

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