Superheroine of the Night: Regina King

Have you ever watched a celebrity walk down a red carpet and think “She looks like ready to fight crime”? I do all the time.

The following four women wore capes to last nights Golden Globes and I am waiting for the new superhero film franchise announcement:


Jada Pinkett Smith as AQUA, mistress of the deep, in tune with Mother Nature, probably responsible for at least 4 creation myths.


Jennifer Lopez as CANARY, mistress of the sky, flight, bird minions, song power, gives new meaning to the phrase ‘fly girl’.


Taraji P. Henson as IVORY, mistress of the earth, maintains balance and harmony, holds up the world and cries for the melting ice caps.


And Regina King as GOLDEN, mistress of fire, leader of the band, powerful enough to burn away the broken remnants of the world, but strong and hopeful enough to keep fighting, and lead her girls to victory.

Regina wins the ultimate crown:


because she matches the decor at HBO’s after-party which clearly means HBO will announce my ridiculously awesome all women of color super team show any day now right?

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