Kinda Q&A 323! What’s a favorite sports movie?

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What’s a favorite sports movie?

Sam: I’m the only person answering today, which I suppose is what I get for suggesting a questions about sports, so you’re getting three, yeah three of my favorite sports movies. Because I guess I like sports movies a lot? Honestly, just narrowing it down to three is hard for me. How do you cut a movie like Field of Dreams from your list? But I did it, because I had to, because even though I can watch Field of Dreams literally any time it’s on TBS, I don’t have TBS anymore and so these are the movies I go out of my way to watch over and over and enjoy the sportiness of them.

Runners up: The Sandlot, Field of Dreams, Days of Thunder, Bend it Like Beckham

The Karate Kid 

SWEEP THE LEG! Who doesn’t love The Karate Kid? The heartfelt story of an underdog who is the new kid in town, but finds himself through martial arts… and then wins a competition! Without that competition at the end, I don’t think this would be a sports movie. Right? Would that make Bloodsport a sports movie? I guess. I also love Bloodsport, so there’s that. But wait, I also love Gleaming the Cube and there’s no competition at the end, but it’s probably a sports – you know what? I just really love The Karate Kid. I also love part 2, and The Next Karate Kid (and the reboot with Jaden Smith, even though that was Kung Fu and not Karate), and we can all pretend the third movie never happened.


Why don’t they wearing any pads? That must hurt.

The Mighty Ducks

The sports movie of my generation. Yeah, I said it. I guess it’s basically The Bad News Bears but with hockey, but I love me some hockey. Plus it’s the movie that gave us all Joshua Jackson, Jussie Smollet, Foggy Nelson, and Marguerite Moreau. This movie has it all! A somewhat racially diverse cast (in Minnesota, in the 90s, I mean get on it modern movies), girls playing hockey years before it hit the broader cultural consciousness, rollerblading, bullies with hearts of gold, and also: HOCKEY! Also I once wrote Ducks fanfiction, making it the only sports movie for which I have ever written fanfic (it was technically post-Mighty Ducks 3, but hey).



They’re all so teeny! <3

The Cutting Edge

Uh, I don’t know. Possibly my favorite romantic comedy ever? It’s about ice hockey and figure skating and the love of being on the ice and thatvery particularly, chemistry-laded hate-to-love relationships that makes for the best drama. Also the Pamchenko Twist. I don’t know, I had such a mega crush on Moira Kelly’s Kate who wanted to win so badly that she didn’t even remember why she wanted to win. She was so great at what she did, that she forgot how to love it, and it took ice-sniffing Doug (seriously one of my favorite images ever, is loving the ice so much that you love its smell) to bring back her passion. I could watch this movie




So those are my top three! What are yours?

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