Q&A 322: What’s a favorite holiday-themed episode of television?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What’s a favorite holiday-themed episode of television?

Caroline: The Buffy Thanksgiving episode ‘Pangs’ – a sham with yams, Buffy trying to be domestic and flipping out because she doesn’t have a ricer (she must have been time travel reading Slate), Spike tied up in the bathtub, and Xander getting funny syphilis.


Jessica: I’m going to go with the first Christmas special of Downton Abbey. Watching that was the first time I realized that British Christmas specials were not like the ones we have in the U.S., where nothing important happens but there might come carols or a feel-good throwaway plot. On the BBC, SHIT GETS REAL on X-mas, and it makes for delightful television!


Julia: I have so many favorites to choose between — West Wing and Justice League Unlimited come to mind, but when it comes to Christmas episodes, I will lead with the old favorite — Remember WENN‘s “Christmas in the Airwaves”. The Christmas special featured guest stars Betty Buckley, Jonathan Freeman and Peter Noone. The musical numbers are lovely — “Christmas is Waiting” is utterly heartbreaking, while “You Make it Christmas” is almost brassy and triumphant. Freeman plays the villainous Rollie Pruitt to the absolute hilt and Betty Buckley is divine as the singing star still in mourning for her husband.


So what about you? What’s a favorite holiday-themed episode of television?

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