Q&A 321: What fictional family would you like to spend Thanksgiving with?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What fictional family would you like to spend Thanksgiving with?

Anika: The Charming-Mills Family of Once Upon a Time. If we start inviting everyone Henry is related to we’d have to rent out Granny’s (and put up with Rumplestiltskin) so I vote for just these five.


Caroline: I bet a Friendsgiving with the Netflix Daredevil crew — Matt, Foggy, Karen, and Claire — would be fun. Lots of good conversation, Foggy fussing adorably over the turkey because of it tastes even a little bit wrong, Matt couldn’t enjoy it. And there would definitely be a lot of booze.


Jessica: I’m going to go with The Brady Bunch. I just think that would be very bizarre – and would provide me with some great holiday-related anecdotes for years to come. Plus they must just make TONS of food for all those people. And probably have some weird 70s Jello dishes that I’d be unlikely to see anywhere else. (Yum?)


Lisa: The Troi family from Star Trek. The idea of socializing with telepaths sounds a little off-putting but one of the best things about Star Trek The Next Generation was the Lwaxana episodes. In them we got to see a funny mother-daughter relationship that didn’t fall back on a “You will grow up to be exactly like your mom” joke. The two characters were very different but you could see the respect and love in every scene. They disagreed constantly, but they both came to it from a place of wisdom and experience and understood that about each other. At the very least, a large holiday dinner with Lwaxana, Deanna, Will Riker and Mr. Homn would result in a story you’d tell for the rest of your life.


The comic one, not the TV one. I’m sure the TV one is very nice and all, but I prefer the dysfunctional and loving ridiculous dorks of the comics.The pre-Flashpoint… let me just be really clear here: Ollie, Dinah, Connor, Roy, Lian, Mia, and throw in Cissie because I said so. I heart them so much.


So what about you?