Q&A 314: What is a returning TV series you are looking forward to?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What is a returning TV series you are looking forward to?

Anika: The Blacklist. The central mystery is an overblown mess and the FBI team are awful at their jobs but I adore “Elizabeth Keen” and all her complicated relationships, especially to Red. I cannot wait to see what they do now the’ve left the shackles of the government!!! My tumblr is ready.

Caroline: black-ish I haven’t been that interested in a family sitcom since I was 12 and thought Full House was just hilarious. This past season, though, I unexpectedly fell for black-ish. The first few episodes centered around Anthony Anderson’s Andre, and were fairly amusing, but the show really started to take off when it started taking advantage of the full ensemble. Tracee Ellis Ross’s Rainbow isn’t afraid to be unabashedly weird, while still coming across as a very believable mom. And every single one of the four kids is hilarious. They don’t just exist to deliver quips to the parents but have a complex and funny hierarchy of their own — as someone who grew  up with four siblings myself, I relate to it a lot.


Jessica: I don’t think I ever answer questions about TV without mentioning Nashville. I am excited to see it come back! Maybe Rayna and Deacon can actually kiss w/o drama? (Probably not.) I’m also excited for Shield – but only because I want my scientists to finally get to go on a date in peace.

Lisa: The Flash. I took a break from DC not long after their reboot, and this series brought me back that world.  I’ll admit, I am still pretty freaked out by their season finale but I’m a sucker for Jay Garrick. He’s easily one of my all-time favorite superheroes.

Mandy: Master Chef Jr. I’m not kidding. I love that show. Also every real show I ever loved is dead. 30 Rock. Parks and Rec. Mad Men. Or it’s on a streaming model and/or premium network which doesn’t really follow the traditional schedule for broadcast (Kimmy Schmidt, Difficult People, True Detective, etc.). Oh wait. I guess Season 2 of Star Wars: Rebels. That’s fun.

tumblr_nq5xr6ZLVR1qi9vx7o3_250Margot: Power Rangers Dino Charge! What other show has an incredibly diverse cast, two women saving the day with science, a caveman and a prince becoming friends, and a dinosaur named Rexy?

Sara: Gotham was another show I didn’t think I was going to enjoy (I should probably stop making assumptions on shows!!). However, one of my best friends from medical school convinced me to at least try it out. To my utter dismay, he was right (and will never let me forget it -__-). The show is spectacular. Excellent acting, world-buliding, and storytelling. I love, love, love what they’ve done with Batman characters that I previously couldn’t care less about (here’s looking to you, Penguin). The first season was a solid one, giving us just enough unresolved storylines for us to be chomping at the bit for season two’s debut. I cannot wait to pick up where we left off!