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In Friday Fangirling, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, our staff share what caught their fannish eye over the past week or so.

In trailers:

In posts that made us think…:

Cut & Paste: Zines About Mental Health and Self Care | Bitch Media

…and feel:

The Disney Store has released their Halloween costumes for this season and there are two things we’re excited about. First, the costumes on the online store are just listed as Costumes for Kids–not Costumes for Boys and Costumes for Girls–which is pretty damn awesome. Second, they’ve got costumes for all the new Star Wars characters. That includes Captain Phasma, Rey (who’s last name it totally gonna be Solo), and Princess Leia. High five, Disney Store!

A stylish Wonder Woman jacket for the everyday superhero!

In news we like:

Wonder Woman starts filming in November

Black Widow: Forever Red is available for preorder!

Star Trek Online released the last episode of Season 10 today, which wraps up the Iconian storyarc that has pretty much lasted since the beginning of the game.  Aug 7 they released their Season 11 trailer:

Four Women Tapped for Art Directors Guild Hall of Fame

Amy Poehler to Produce High School Comedy ‘Schooled’

Baseball Drama About Professional Baseball’s (Fictional) First Female Pitcher Finds Home Base at Fox

In conventions:

Last weekend Margot attended DragonCon for the 8th consecutive year:

Officially, I was one of 70,000, but I’m betting it was closer to 80,000. As always, DCon is an amazing time. The cosplay is always fantastic (the winner of this year’s masquerade was Dorothy and Tik Tok from Return to Oz), I got my picture taken with Iolaus from Young Hercules (also a dwarf in the Hobbit movies, but I have my priorities), got to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xena, and listen to Garrett Wang complain about how Harry Kim never got promoted on Star Trek Voyager.

The only problem is now I need a week to recover. Good thing there’s new Power Rangers and Auburn football on this


Sadly, I did not get these cosplayers cards. But if you know them, tell them we should be friends!



And from the DragonCon parade, everyone needs all the deadpools. (A murder of deadpools? A flock of Deadpools? What do we call a group of Deadpools anyway?)


And check this!

Project MC2‘s first three episodes are now on Netflix — a series about 4 teen girl super spies saving the day with science! There is also a line of dolls that come with experiments to do at home. Go! Watch! Now! Smart is the new cool!


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