Q&A 311: What’s a favorite Summer TV series?

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What’s a favorite Summer TV series?



TNT has always been my go-to for Summer TV but sadly they require a cable subscription login so I can’t watch The Last Ship this summer. I will never* know if season two is even remotely as good as its (AMAZING) poster:


*whenever Hulu gets the rights to season two, so after season two is finished airing and I expect that means when it is no longer summer

Luckily ABC gave me my new favourite series: The Astronaut Wives Club.

Astronaut Wives Club

In terms of plot and pacing this show is a mess. But it’s historical fiction so we already know, or can find out, the (hi)story. This series is about the characters, the titular wives, and their relationships and both are messy in the good way. I love every single Astronaut Wife. And I love them as a big complicated group of often conflicting but always compassionate Astronaut Wives. With the exception of (maybe) Alan Shepard the astronauts come off interchangeable — brave, cocky, family oriented (racist), All-American (anti-Russian), manly (sexist) men — and I love that! The wives get a sentence or two, a paragraph if they’re lucky, in their husband’s Wikipedia entry (aka reality) but here they are the story. I love it.


I admit that I’ve barely turned on my television this summer, partly because I know my DVR is picking up every new episode of Teen Wolf and once I turn it on, I will end up watching another season of Teen Wolf and I don’t know if I’m ready to do that to my brain right now.

However, I have discovered that the Funimation website/Roku channel streams simulcasts of anime series that are airing in Japan. So I’ve been taking advantage of that and enjoying Gangsta. This is an ultraviolent show action show about gang wars in a corrupt city. It features a lot of fast-cut gun and sword fights, but it also focuses on the longstanding and profoundly weird friendship between its two leads, Worick and Nicolas. Nic has superstrength and a tragically shortened lifespan, thanks to government military experiments (pretty standard if you follow this kind of anime), but he’s also deaf and communicates primarily in Japanese Sign Language, which is an interesting aspect to add to the story. Also Worick works as a gigolo when he’s not murdering people for hire, and Alex, a former prostitute who’s trying to get her life together, works with them, and it’s not clear whose love interest she’s supposed to be, if anyone’s.

This isn’t necessarily a show I’d recommend to everyone (you can probably tell from the above if it’s not for you), but it’s very well done and is certainly holding my interest.



Man, last summer it was definitely Rising Star, just because I loved watching Ke$ha and Josh Groban on a competition singing show. But that got canceled…so I’d probably have to go with Orange is the New Black, which is great for binge watching. I’m also using the summer to catch up on Agents of Shield!


Definitely Orange is the New Black .

And the best part is that I can watch all the episodes at once!


So what about you? What’s a favorite Summer TV series?

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