Superheroine of the Night: Jennifer Lopez

Have you ever watched a celebrity walk down a red carpet and thought “She looks like ready to fight crime”? I do all the time.

Generally speaking the Golden Globes can always be counted on for FUN and that includes heroine chic on the red carpet. This year was no exception.

Honorable Mentions

Dakota Johnson:

Look, I am way more interested in Dakota Johnson’s career as a kick ass superheroine masquerading as a wide eyed ingenue playing a kind hearted student/submissive than I am in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Naomi Watts:

Wore a snake made out of diamonds.

Emma Stone:

Emma wore a sparkly bustier and pants with a bow-belt-train which is pretty much the definition of heroine chic. Also it would surprise literally no one to learn that Emma Stone is secretly a superhero.

Second Runners Up

Jemima Kirke:

and Lorde:

…who are dressed like the people of Krypton circa the 1978/80 films.

First Runners Up

Jane Fonda:

and Kate Hudson:

…who are dressed like killer robots from the future as envisioned by people in the nineties and/or Tim Burton.

Kate’s “Emma Frost” cosplay is also my personal favorite look of the night. Just saying.

Superheroine of the Night

Jennifer Lopez:

The best thing about these two looks is I can’t decide which is more likely to be seen on a comic book superhero. WELL PLAYED J-LO.