What I’m Reading Wednesday: 12/17/2014

Hi everyone! I’m back!

First off, thanks to Caroline for taking over WIRW duties last week. It’s nice to know I can go on vacation and have awesome coverage. Thanks again!

I don’t have anything new this week, by which I mean that everything I have is just another issue in an ongoing series. No new series or anything. I apparently missed the start of the new team on Wonder Woman, which I’m fine with. And I realized I fell way behind on Copperhead, which is an awesome comic. Other than that, not much news from me. So let’s get to comics!

Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel #10
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artists: David Lopez & Marcio Takara & Laura Braga, Lee Loughride & Nick Filardi (colors), VC’s Joe Caramanga (letters)

Ugh, this comic is so good. I could wax on for paragraphs about how it’s the best superhero comic on the market, how it’s changed the game and set the bar so high, but you’re already here, you know that. So I’ll just say that this issue continues on with the greatness that has been Captain Marvel for the last three years. It’s a two-part story celebrating Carol’s 100th solo appearance, and this issue is told from the points of view of Kit, Jess Drew, Rhodey, and Wendy. Carol’s people. The measure of a hero is in the people around them, which I think movie audiences learned from Captain America: The Winder Solider, and Carol has great people around here, both in space and holding down the fort back at home. The three artists really nailed their stories, and Kelly Sue nailed the voices (as she pretty much always does).

Favorite panels:


Spider-Woman #2
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artists: Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Frank D’Armata (colors), Travis Lanham (letters), Land & Morry Hollowell (cover)

Aw, I want this book to be amazing. As it is, it’s fine Hopeless does a great job with Jess, and even though it’s a Spider-Verse tie-in, I don’t mind. But the art is so bad that it brings down the overall quality of the book. It’s like someone flew back to 1998 to get an artist. And not even a good 1998 artists. Like I used to think my least favorite superhero artist was Jim Lee, but I’m not so sure anymore. At one point, I flipped to a new page and was staring at Charisma Carpenter. Not even kidding. Anyway, Silk and Jess are still split up, and Jess is on the homework of the I-people who are eating Spider-people (I can’t remember their name and don’t feel like looking it up, whatever Spider-Verse). There’s also a not-great version of Jess on that planet, and pirates! And robots. Steampunky robots. Anyway, the writing is good, but I don’t know if I’d recommend the book to any but the most die-hard Jess Drew fans unless they get a new artist.

Favorite panel:


Storm #6
Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Al Barrionuevo (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Ruth Redmond (colors), VC’s Joe Sabino (letters), Stephanie Hans (cover)

I hear that Storm is on the chopping block, which is a shame. I’m really enjoying this book. That’s saying something, since I’m not a gigantic X-fan, and have never been a Storm fan. Greg Pak does a great job with her, which I think I’ve said before. In this issue, Ororo is inexplicably taking a plane back from Japan, where she leaves Yukio after their disastrous underground street fighting thing. Y’know. Anyway, the plane gets attacked, which is probably why I, if I were a mutant with the ability to fly, would not fly on a plane. There’s also some anti-mutant stuff, which would make more sense in a world where the Fantastic Four weren’t a well-loved group of mutated superheroes, but hey. It’s the driving force behind all X-drama, I get it. I may sound unappreciative, but this was a nice issue with a lot of Storm’s inner monologue. I hope this book sticks around awhile, which means I’ll be lucky if we make it to issue seven.

Favorite panel:


Also on my radar: Ms. Marvel #10, Lumberjanes #9, Stumptown vol. 3 #4

Catwoman #37
Writer: Genevieve Valentine
Artists: Garry Brown, Lee Loughridge (colors), Taylor Esposito (letters), Jae Lee & June Ching (cover)

Catwoman is a really solid book right now. It’s not a superhero book, it’s an anti-hero book, and I think Valentine absolutely nails it. I also love that each issue is bookended with quotes by and about powerful women leaders from history. In this issue, Selina discovers the snitch and has to deal with it, while Black Mask moves against her. It’s a good, intense, emotional issue and it made me fall in love with Selina Kyle all over again. I want her to succeed, even though succeeding means making hard choices and doing morally gray things. I get the sense that this book is flying under the radar. It’s a woman-led, woman-written comic set in Gotham and it’s a fantastic read if you like Selina Kyle, mob politics, gritty underbellies, or all of the above.

Favorite panel:



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