MASTERLIST: So what are you waiting for?

As discussed in this week’s Q & A, we at Fantastic Fangirls challenge our readers to try something new this month, whether it’s a comic book, a novel, a movie, or an album by a band you’ve never given a fair listen to. Ideally, this should be something you’ve had an opportunity to try in the past, but for one reason or other, have resisted (see our post for examples).

Throughout the month, we’ll be collecting a masterlist of blogposts related to this topic. If you have a post in which you either declare your intentions to participate, or write a review after you read/watch/listen to the thing in question, make a comment here with your link, and we’ll add it to this post.

Here’s to new adventures and horizons in the month of May! So what are you waiting for?


Beginning to See the Light: A Walk through the World of Preacher

American Flagg

Identity Crisis

The Dark Knight Returns

Grant Morrison’s We3

Kingdom Come

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (original flavor!

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright


Battlestar Galactica

Marvel’s 1602