Q&A 278: What’s a favorite TV series based on comic book characters?

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What’s a favorite TV series based on comic book characters?


I have fallen hard and fast for Barry Allen on the CW’s The Flash. It’s possible I love him even more than Wally West from another favorite comic-based series Justice League.


The Flash pushes a lot of the right buttons for me. It’s bright and fun and charming. There’s a superhero working with a team of awesome non-super people. There are lady characters who are complex and kick-ass. There’s a superhero who, while having the obligatory tragedy in their past, just really wants to help and protect the people in his city. But most of all, there is NO BROODING. It’s like Central City is a No Brooding Zone, and I wonder if Marvel isn’t secretly producing this show.


It seems like a golden age of superhero television. There’s something for everyone. You have your broody Green Arrow (excuse me, The Arrow), which is not a show for me but which I appreciate for its bisexual Black Canary (sigh), Felicity Smoak, and cool action scenes. You have your Whedon-like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and its kick butt team of snarky people. The Flash is doing well (and looks good) and people seem to generally like Gotham, sorta. And soon we’ll have Agent Carter and, a little less soon, Supergirl and the Netflix/Marvel series. Uh, and Constantine exists and is a thing.

But for me, still, it’s all about these two:

Ah, Lois & Clark. It premiered about a year after Superman died in the comics, and as “Reign of the Superman” was finishing up. For twelve-year-old, gigantic-Superman-fan me, it was a pretty big year. And then this happened, and there was Teri Hatcher being the coolest Lois Lane I’d ever seen. And it was TV in the early nineties, so people didn’t die every few episodes, they had relationship drama and it was awesome. This show also has one of my favorite versions of Lex Luthor.

Also, I think I’d be remiss not to mention the DC Animated Universe. Batman: The Animated Series was an absolute game changer, both for animation and for superheroes in the mainstream, and the characters of the DCAU are still some of my favorite incarnations out there.



I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure if this question was asked to me in three months, the answer would be Agent Carter. Have you guys SEEN the trailers?? Peggy! Howard! Jarvis! But mostly Peggy! I’m SO excited.

As it is, my current favorite TV series based on comic book characters is Arrow. Yeah, I did NOT see that coming. I started watching the show when it first came out three years ago, but couldn’t get into it (the main actor really isn’t winning any prizes anytime soon), but recently, my dad got super into it and we ended up binge watching the entire series in a week! (I knew it was genetic!)

Arrow is fun with its parkour, its broodiness (sorry Ali!), and its supporting characters. Digg and Felicity make that show for me. Felicity’s rambles and Digg’s completely on-point awareness of social injustices and constructs make me SO HAPPY. Watch the show, it’s a lot of fun!


So what about you? What’s a favorite TV series based on comic book characters?

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