X-Men: Ships of Future and Past

This post contains SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past and previous x-films.

ANIKA: I came out of X-Men: Days of Future Past thinking two thoughts: 1. Wow, that might be my favorite X-movie, and 2. I ship it. I ship it ALL. And since there are lots of reviews out there that deal with number one, we’ve decided to focus on number two!

Ships that are inarguably canon:


SAM: I feel like you should write about this, but I was super not on the Logan/Jean train until the latest solo Wolvie movie, and those scenes BROKE MY HEART. And since I ship Emma/Scott, I’d be down for this being a Real Thing in the movies.

ANIKA: I have shipped these two for half my life and still they get me every time. I always think I’m over it and then Logan reaches out to touch her and my heart drops to the floor and ALL THE FEELS FOREVER AND EVER AND AGAIN. I mean, I was already crying over Xavier finding Jean — and specifically this image:

X-Men (2000)

— in Logan’s mind. And then there was the little girl with red hair in Washington. By the time Jean appeared, alive and saying Logan’s name, I was G-O-N-E- gone.


ANIKA: And Scott ALSO being alive only enhances those feelings.

SAM: I think Jean deserves better. And Scott deserves better than being Scott as we see in the movies, which I think happens when he’s with Emma. In case it wasn’t clear that I’m into Emma/Scott. But I like James Marsden a looooot more than now than I did back in the day, so maybe I’d be more on board with seeing this on my screen.


ANIKA: This is why I ship everything — the film gives us everything! Bobby and Kitty are exuding coupledom in the Dark Times but in the Light Reset they are hooked up with others. It’s like a Valentine to every ship, and especially to multishippers like myself. Anyway, these two aren’t my first choice, but they remain cute.

SAM: I hated this ship when it first happened, due to my complicated feelings on movie!Bobby and my love for all versions of Kitty ever. But then they did it in the comics and it’s ADORABLE so I’m down. Also I love beardy Bobby, which I may have mentioned once or twice. And I love that they changed it for the other universe, because it shows a willingness to play around with these things.

X-Men: Days of Future Past


SAM: Can she touch him while he’s ice? GIVE IT A TRY, YOU CRAZY KIDS.


ANIKA: Poor Hank :(

SAM: This whole thing was so weird to me that I found myself not really invested. But I second the poor Hank thoughts.

Ships that are arguably canon:


SAM: I don’t know. I find First Class Erik sort of predatory. My preferred version of their relationship is in the X-movies with Ian McKellan and Rebecca Romijn.

ANIKA: I love these two (longterm) as devoted and attached to each other and having sex because they enjoy sex and also sometimes they just need to be physical to get over the horrors of the day. Not a traditional love story or a traditional family but untraditionally both.

X-Men: Days of Future Past


SAM: I prefer them as brother and sister, tbh. It’s pretty clear Raven loves Charles as more than a brother, but idk, I like her role better if they’re not an Actual Couple That Could Happen.

ANIKA: Agree and that is how I read the films.


ANIKA: They’re totally standing together in that classroom at the end so clearly, they’re together.

SAM: Yeah, that’s the message I got. That’s fine? Classic, really.


ANIKA: They also stand in proximity. And are best at Blink’s tag team battle strategy.

SAM: Ah, the old “stand in proximity” basis for a ship. I’m cool with it.

X-Men: Days of Future Past


ANIKA: I was on board with Emma teaming up with Erik at the end of First Class, that was cool. But Michael Fassbender’s delivery of the name “Emma” just CRUSHED ME and I am now obsessed in a truly ridiculous way. I want a film of Emma and Erik enacting Bonnie and Clyde Mutant Mayhem. I need it.

Erik/Peter’s Mom

SAM: Oh yeah. I guess that sorta had to happen, huh?

ANIKA: It gets a line!

Ships that are probably not canon but who cares:


ANIKA: I only really like movie Storm in X3 and she didn’t have enough to do in this one to disavow me of that. But in the Dark Times version of events I see these two the way I see Erik and Raven above. Friends with benefits and true affection, but Logan’s heart will always belong to Jean.

SAM: For some reason I remember shipping this when I was a kid. Were they a thing in the cartoons? Anyway, that’s fine by me. I think Logan lives a long time and has plenty of room in his heart for lots of people. And I think he digs the mohawk (that she should have had in the movie but didn’t).

X-Men: Days of Future Past


ANIKA: Let’s be real, why would this not happen?

SAM: Logan/Scott/Jean/Emma is kinda my OT4, so. Three’s okay.


SAM: I just think there’s the possibility there. She can BE anyone, she can be WITH anyone she wants to. Though I stand by my interest in a movie of her with Destiny. Let’s do this. In the decade between First Class and DOFP, Mystique meets up with Destiny and the two get together and so THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER in the newly created universe. You know, as together as they ever were, which was pretty openly together. Also I like Raven/Bobby. And Raven/Banshee because Banshee = movie!Bobby. Ignoring the fact that Banshee is dead, which I choose to ignore because comics.


ANIKA: I’m just saying it’s interesting that Logan, of all people, knows Peter. And I suppose this is the place to say this movie did right by Quicksilver. I loved him so much I have forgiven the exclusion of Wanda. Mostly.

SAM: Quicksilver’s scenes were the best in the movie. Even not liking Evan Peters, I liked his Quicksilver, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m not immediately opposed to Peter/Logan, and I can certainly see it being a thing that happens.

Ships that are definitely not canon but who cares:


SAM: Rogue can’t TOUCH people and Kitty can be INTANGIBLE. Amazing. Plus the Bobby pathos. Amazinger. Except I’m picturing comic Bobby, but whatever maybe new universe Bobby has a sense of humor/is more like comic Bobby?


ANIKA: I don’t actually think this works at all but I can see where someone else might.

SAM: I can see the deep bond between them. The movie definitely hit us over the head with it. I don’t personally ship it, but I buy it more than some other ships.

X-Men: Days of Future Past


ANIKA: Both nursing a broken heart and young Hank is an adorable hottie, he just is.

SAM: I love Nicholas Hoult. I’d watch a Beast/Wolvie romantic comedy action teamup.


ANIKA: Both…well, I have no justification whatsoever but why not?

SAM: Kitty ALL THE LADIES (see below). Also Phasing + Portals = cool.

Ships that also exist (probably):


ANIKA: I guess?

SAM: Nope. 😛

Kitty/All the Ladies

ANIKA: Because.



SAM: I feel towards this similarly to how I feel towards Charles/Logan, which I suppose means I’d prefer Charles/Logan/Jean to either of those two pairings separately. Or something.


ANIKA: Oh noes! With the timeline reset or whatever happened at the end of this film my cracktacular OOTP (the first O stands for “Other”) may be doomed and/or dead! But X3 still exists.

graphic by Anika

Logan/Rogue and Magneto/Rogue

SAM: It’s too bad they cut Rogue’s scenes, actually. Supposedly Magneto and Xavier go to rescue her and then she helps take care of Logan. That would have touched on all of these!

ANIKA: I want that!


SAM: Ew.



ANIKA: What about mutant hater Trask/JFK the secret mutant? (What about Magneto/JFK the secret mutant? Or Magneto/JFK/Emma OMG!)

Ships that are canon to eight out of ten people and the other two are not Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart because they totally ship it:

graphic by The Daily Edge


SAM: Meh.

ANIKA: Okay, so I have long argued that these two can have a deeply profound but platonic (or brotherly, if you must) love that transcends sex or romance or shipping and I still believe that and certainly this film also believes that. But this film also succeeded in finally selling me on their full blown slashtastic romance for the ages too so kudos to that.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Final thoughts:

SAM: We forgot Bishop.

ANIKA: I forgot Bishop was in the movie.

SAM: And Sunspot.

ANIKA: So, Bishop/Sunspot?

SAM: Works for me.

More final final thoughts:


ANIKA: My OTP is more meaningful than canon.