Q&A #252: Who is a favorite fictional soldier, service member, or veteran?

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Memorial Day: Who is a favorite fictional soldier, service member, or veteran?


Kate Kane.


I haven’t been quiet in the past about how terrible Sam Wilson’s comicsverse back story is. So I was really pleasantly surprised by the back story given to his movie counterpart (partially taken from his Ultimate characterization) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film posited that the Falcon was a member of the armed forces who used his mechanical wings to work in para-rescue, completely sidestepping the problematic and racist aspects of his comics history. But the movie also preserved something core to the Falcon character: his position as a social worker, serving a therapeutic function for others. By having Sam work at the VA, helping other veterans with PTSD, the film shed an unflinching light on the trials faced by former service members while setting up an immediate bonding opportunity for Sam and Steve Rogers based on shared experience. I can’t imagine a more perfect choice, and I hope this new, veteran Sam finds a place in many more Marvel movies, supporting his new best friend and being an amazing superhero in his own right.


The Motherflippin’ Wolverine.


So, Jennifer totally stole my answer. Jk, I’m glad we agree that Falcon is kick-ass. Bless.

I guess my second choice (and I really hate saying second, because she should be second to no one) would be Margaret “Peggy” Carter. I LOVE PEGGY CARTER.

Given my lack of Marvel comics background, my introduction to Peggy was Captain America: The First Avenger.

The second she came on screen, I was transfixed. Two minutes later, she KO-ed a smug son of a bitch and then Steve looks at her like, “Woah, awesome.” Steve was a stand-in for every person in that theater.

Anyone that can make Steve Rogers and Howard Stark look like this is a tremendous person, in my opinion.

But, for real, I am SO excited for the Agent Carter series. After seeing the short, I fell more in love with Peggy than ever. She’s a woman in a man’s world who knows how much better suited for the task she is than the bumbling idiots all around her and she gets shit done. Peggy is my inspiration and I thank her for existing in the world of comics.

So what about you? Memorial Day: Who is a favorite fictional soldier, service member, or veteran?

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    You all took all the good ones, lol.