Q&A #249: Make your own superteam.

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

Make your own superteam.


I’m basing this team on the fact that I think Stephanie Brown and Kamala Khan would be really great friends, despite the age gap and inhabiting two different universes. Filling out the team I’d have America Chavez (because every team needs a no bullshit heavy hitter), Hope Summers (she’s the brains/strategy), and Kate Bishop (because arrows). Barbara Gordon is the team’s Professor X. There’s a lot of yelling and fighting, which Kamala does not like, but everyone really loves each other and they’ve all got each other’s backs.


I could overthink this or I could go with this Amazing instagram:

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Lupita Nyong'o by livia_firth

A lot of people want Lupita for Storm and that would be amazing, especially in a film with the title STORM. But imagine an entirely new character made up for the current Spidey film series (because none of his allies are available to them and he needs allies), made specifically for Lupita to play. And then she is introduced into the comics and adorable little girls who want to be Lupita become comic book fans because of Lupita. We should be throwing franchises at this woman, come on Hollywood.

Um so Spider-Man, Clone Gwen, and The Best New Character Ever Played By Lupita Nyong’o.


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m into teen teams. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I just love the combination of earnest and mistake-prone teens plus superpowers. And anyone who knows me knows how disappointed I’ve been in the new52 Teen Titans and how underwhelmed I was by the recent Young Avengers book.

So I’m gonna make my superteam out of my super teen characters I love the most:

For our speedster we have, of course, Bart Allen. Preferably as Impulse, but Kid Flash is fine. None of that Bar Torr stuff. Nossir. I’d also follow the show a little and cast him as a mixed race guy, since Iris, his grandmother, is black. The brains of our operation is Rikki Barnes, Nomad, and if Rikki’s there then there is no way Anya Corazon isn’t there. Plus every team needs a Spider (the new52 Teen Titans have Skitter, which IMO is DC’s attempt at a Spider) so Spider-Girl it is. Also in my perfect world, they’re dating. So it’s even better.

Next up, someone who can fly/punch things. Every team needs at least one. Cassie Sandsmark! I’ll take the new52 version, but I prefer the classic. Also I enjoy her working relationship with Bart, and he shouldn’t be the only DC kid represented. Now for the icing on the cake: the arrow/bat. Done. Helena Wayne from Worlds’ Finest is apparently 17 in current continuity. I find that ridiculous, but it means she’d fit in perfectly on the team. If she’s unwilling because blah blah getting home to her Earth, Steph Brown is back now, right? She sure is. Actually, let’s throw them both on. Five awesome ladies and Bart Allen.

Impulse; DC Comics

Works for me.

So what about you? Make your own superteam.

  • Future titans! Lian Harper as Speedy and team leader, Iris West, Jr. as Impulse, Milagro Reyes as either a GL or Scarab (Ted Kord comes back to life and builds her cool tech based on Jaime’s armor/Booster’s suit/Skeets), Rani Carter as Goldstar for muscle, science know-how, and magnet powers, and Damian Wayne to sulk and have a crush on every girl. We could also throw in either Jai West or Tempest’s son whose name I forget or both. Or hell, give Scott and Barda Free a kid, that would be AWESOME. Or bring back the Dibnys, including the unborn one, and have the baby inherit Ralph’s stretching powers and be the team’s tagalong kid! Oh man, now I really want this team.

  • Gnu

    Oh! Kamala! I would pair her with Sooraya Qadir, Miles Morales, Becka Munroe (leader), and Laura Kinney (’cause you need a bamf). Cecilia Reyes would be the brainz, lol. (You gotta say that like a zombie.)

  • CalvinPitt

    I want Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown on there, and Ben Grimm. Cass can be Batgirl again and Steph Spoiler, or Steph can be Batgirl and Cass Black bat, or they can both be Batgirl. Because I like Steph and Cass working together (especially a Steph a little further along in being a superhero), and Ben because every hero should have a chance to work with Ben Grimm. Plus I think he’d be endlessly amused at those two.

    Beyond that, I’m not sure. Nightcrawler maybe, or Mayday Parker. Power Girl might be cool, or Rocket Raccoon (mostly because I think Cass would be completely befuddled working with a talking animal). Cass, Steph, and Ben are the core 3, though.