Q&A #247: What do you do for the environment?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What do you do for the environment?


Mini Fangirl Aeris asked Kelly Sue and David this question last month and I decided to bring it back for Earth Day.

We have a large collection of reusable grocery bags from Kiki’s school fundraiser (supporting the environment AND education!), the Disney Store (grocery clerks always love our Kermit and Minnie and Jake the Neverland Pirate bags), and multiple grocery stores (because if we forget to bring them we buy new ones…now we have enough to leave a couple in the car). Using reusable bags — and water bottles and coffee cups etc. — is one of the simplest ways to cut down on waste.

I use my smartphone for coupons and receipts. I take digital scans or pictures instead of copies for my files. I turn off and unplug things I’m not using. I charge my phone with my computer or car. I walk to work as often as I can. I camp in state or national parks. I’m a part of a Green Team at work. Aeris and I pick up trash at the nearby playground at least once a month. I try to stay up to date on what helps or harms the environment. I celebrate Earth Day with my children every year. Or as Aeris says, every day:

art by Aeris Milik

My mother has an arboretum named after her. My older daughter, who has her grandmother’s name, will be starting university next Fall and intends to study Environmental Science. My younger daughter asked this question when she was tasked with interviewing her comic book writing hero and was told she could ask anything. And she made this comic to share with you today:

Art by Aeris Milik


I don’t do as much as I should or could, but what I *can* do, I do religiously.

In my city, we have a tri-sorting garbage disposal mechanism. This means that every thing I want to throw away, I need to decide if it’s recycling, compost, or just garbage.

I rinse every yogurt cup so that it can go in the recycling bin. I fill up a brown paper bag a day full of eggshells, orange rinds and apple cores for the compost bin. And I make sure that my “plain old garbage” is the smallest possible. All in all, I think our house isn’t too wasteful, and it makes me feel like every little bit helps.

Plus, my university campus embraced this system, and developed “indoor recycling counters”.

photo courtesy of gazette.uottawa.ca.

So I’m now one of those annoying people who take forever to throw out their garbage, because you better believe that I throw out my leftover salad in the “compost” bin then rinse out my container at the fountain to throw it out in the “recycling” bin.

Oh, and I always turn off the lights after leaving a room. Always, always, always.

So what about you? What do you do for the environment?