Q&A 245: What Westeros House are you?

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What Westeros House are you?


It should be known that I am basing this decision only having seen the Game of Thrones TV series, and not having read any of the books. So while I really, really want to say House Targaryen. Daenerys is really the only Targaryen I know. Aside from her creepy-ass, power hungry brother. And her grandfather was a bat-shit crazy king. Or something. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dany. But the real reason I want to be a Targaryen is DRAGONS.

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That said, I think I’m more House Stark. Even though they have a short life expectancy, the Starks are honest, strong people who love and look out for their family. They’re like the Weasleys of Westeros. And how could you not love that. Also being related to Arya Stark would be the coolest thing in the history of ever. Also also you get a dire wolf that has 50/50 odds of surviving, just like you.


I choose House Lannister for two simple reasons. One, the Lannisters are active. They are often proactive. They go out and do things while everyone else is standing around talking about doing things. When they are passive it is by their active choice. And when they are reactive, they are lions.

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And two, the Lannisters don’t care that you don’t like them. They don’t need your validation or affection, they don’t even want to exploit it. Love isn’t power, power is power.

The Lannisters know who they are.


Definitely House Targaryen.

I say this only because I find their diasporic history endlessly fascinating: the last dragonlords escaped Old Valyria after the Doom and conquered the Seven Kingdoms on dragonback. After ruling for 300 years, they were nearly exterminated save for Daenerys Targaryen who started building her own army across the Narrow Sea. Even though their house lay in ruins after Robert’s Rebellion, their name still inspires fear and wonder in some corners of the world. The Daenerys chapters were also one of my absolute favorites to read in A Song of Ice and Fire. The idea of a strong, young woman endeavoring to take back her birthright is extremely empowering.



Okay, two things: I really like shouting WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE, and I really like the weird, on-the-fringes religion and social structure of the Iron Islands. So, you know. Greyjoy all the way on that. Also I love Asha Greyjoy, who’s Yara Greyjoy in the show and is a bad ass no matter what her name is. She pushes against the traditional, patriarchal society of the Ironborn, and I’d like to think we’d be friends. Or at least congenial colleagues who pillage coastal towns and captain our own ships while trying to take what we feel is our birthright at the head of House Greyjoy.

But. I love the Martells. And I can’t say why because I think the reason(s) I love the Martells won’t be totally evident until season five of the show and I do not want to ruin it. But how ‘bout that Oberyn, right? He was pretty great! And Ellaria Sand, yesss. I think the first episode of the season gave us a good peek into Dornish culture, and I’m really excited for them to put more on screen. I love Dorne!

Yeah. I like the houses on the outskirts of “civilized” society, whose definition of honor (and family) isn’t the same (dumb) definition as the rest of Westeros.


So what about you? What Westeros house are you?

  • Candy Apple Ally

    House Tyrell – beautiful, powerful and wealthy. Less vicious than the Lannisters, less insane than the Targaryens, less dumb than the Starks. Are they obvious social climbers? Yes, and that’s why they are so interesting. Margaery was smart enough to realize that the only contact the common and the poor of King’s Landing have with royalty is when they kill their children for no apparent reason. She knows that a smile and a few kind words can completely shift the dynamic in the city and she does it her FIRST WEEK in the city.

    The Tyrells can raise one of the largest armies but aren’t as eager to throw it against any real or perceived enemy as well… ALL the other houses. Their finest knight is a “notorious pillow biter” and no one the family rejects him for it. Helping the poor, accepting the different and using reason and tact in tricky situations; the Tyrells are the most progressive force in Westeros. Grow Strong with us.

    Plus I look fucking FANTASTIC in green and gold.

  • Stacey

    House Tyrell all the way (TV or book version). Candy Apple Ally already laid out the case for the Highgarden crew perfectly, so I’ll just second her motion (except for that green-and-gold bit–that might bring about some unpleasant high school marching band flashbacks). I will add that Margaery and Loras *knowingly* slept with the same man…and they’re *still* the healthiest (non-Stark) sibling relationship in the Seven Kingdoms (and Essos).