Captain Marvel Relaunch Party Reviews

ANIKA (and Lt. Trouble)

Aeris reads for at least 20 minutes every night for school. Last night she read Captain Marvel. When finished she pulled me over and with a huge grin on her face pointed to the last page, the extra, loudly proclaimed to be her most favorite part ever:

a page from Captain Marvel #1 by Kelly Sue Deconnick and David Lopez

“Read it!” she demanded. I had already, but started to comply when she waved her hands and said “Wait! I’ll read it, but you do Carol.” So we read it aloud, acting it out (I got to punch the dinosaur!) and then went back to do the in-story Kit and Carol scene, too.

Aeris’s other favorite parts were Rhodey (her fave in the Iron Man films) and Chewie and Kit’s Chewie.

a panel from Captain Marvel #1 by Kelly Sue Deconnick and David Lopez

The only thing I’d add to her review is that I love every single outfit that every single person is wearing. The starburst PJs! Jessica Drew’s party wear! The impressionism blouse with the Flying Tigers bomber jacket!! Seriously, the clothes are amazing in this comic. Just saying.


Real talk, Internet. Wednesday was not a good day. It happens. I like to think that I’m usually a level-headed, centered person who can get along with anyone. But bad days happen, and sometimes you get enough sleep but still don’t feel rested, you get to work and everything’s screwed up, your co-workers are all in bad moods too, and suddenly you’re on the Internet and some dude you’ve never met is insulting your reading level because you know more about Young Adult fiction than he does, because that totally make sense.

I mean, you know. Hypothetically.

So that was my Wednesday, and I didn’t even want to go to the LCS in the evening, except I remembered it was Captain Marvel day.

the cover of Captain Marvel #1, art by David Lopez

And then — Carol! Carol on the cover with that gorgeous smirk on her face, pulling on her glove with a gesture that’s half, “Come at me, bro” and half, “I make this look good.” I didn’t realize how much I needed Carol Danvers in my life until that moment. The whole comic is great, with appearances by Marvel stalwarts like Iron Man and James Rhodes (who Carol is dating now, I guess — pilots in love! I dig it!), along with favorites from DeConnick’s run — Tracy and Kit and of course Chewie the cat. This is a fun, well-paced comic, and it’s a gorgeous comic as well. David Lopez is an inspired choice on art, and Lee Loughridge’s rich color palette ads dimension to each page.

I’m glad that Captain Marvel #1 was here for me today, and I hope that Carol is here for her Corps for a long time to come.


I am so happy Captain Marvel is back. This book fills me with joy. Joy because it exists, joy because of the Carol Corps, joy because of the way the Corps has been embraced by the creators of the book, and just… joy. Just joy. This is the comic book that I talk about when people ask me why I read comics. This is the comic book that I talk about when people say “oh, comics aren’t for women” or “but comics treat or portray women badly”. Sure, there’s still a lot of troubling stuff out there (plenty), but this comic exists and for that I’m extremely happy.

This first return issue was great (reveals! Star Wars jokes! Carol punches stuff! Kit!) and I can’t wait for more.