Q&A #191: What comic do you, personally, want to be a character in?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What comic do you, personally, want to be a character in?


Phonogram. If only for the selfish reason that I will never be as cool as everyone in the Phonoverse. Actually, I kind of take that back. Most of the characters in Phonogram are flawed and emotionally dented and bruised. But they look so freaking cool. I mean, how could you NOT want your life to be like this?

AND there’s the whole music is magic thing, which I really dig. What I dig even more is that you can kind of lean how to be a Phonomancer. You wouldn’t be as powerful as those born into it, but you can learn a bit to have fun.

But who am I kidding. If I were ever going to be in a comic book I’d want to be a superhero. Not anything huge, a third or fourth string Avenger or X-Men. Just this girl who lives in Brooklyn and uses her telekinesis to help people. So… basically I want to be in Hawkeye.

I’d look really damn cool in that comic too.


Since Marie swiped my default answer (it’s a pretty great answer, Marie), I’m forced to really think about it. And something just keeps coming back: I’d like to be working in the library of Dream’s castle, “The Dreaming”.

What a wonderfully clever idea; a library made of books we’ve never written. I’d be Lucien’s assistant, working in the ever-changing stacks of books, reading excerpts of people’s dream-novels.

I think I’d be willing to weather Dream’s mood swings and tantrums for that job.


I’d most likely would want to be a character in Joss Whedon’s Buffyverse comics. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was an extremely influential series for me, so to have a chance to play around in that sandbox as a new Slayer would be pretty rad.



I’ve spent most of my comic-fandom life in the Batman universe, so Batfamily here I come! But, seriously, I live my life with a lot of fictional characters leading the way, forging my path, but I believe the top two influences have to be Hermione Granger and Barbara Gordon.

And what do these lovely, other-worldly ladies have in common? Um, they are smart, kick-ass, brazen, in your face, brave, compassionate, and live in a perpetual boy’s club without self-combusting.

I want to BE them.

SO, if I were to be in any comic, I would love to be in Batman Beyond and play Batgirl of the future to Terry McGinnis’ Batman. Max and I would spend hours making fun of him and Bruce would have to take up meditation again to prevent himself from killing me.

It would be AWESOME.

So what about you? What comic do you, personally, want to be a character in?

  • CalvinPitt

    Atomic Robo, maybe? I work in biology, I can use science to help blow things up!

    I guess if I could have superpowers (spider-powers all the way), Daredevil. Matt could use someone to have his back right now, and I’m a good friend to have.