4th Annual Fantastic Fangirl Awards Nominations

It’s time again for our very own Fantastic Comic Book Awards! To announce this year’s nominations please join me in welcoming the lovely Miss Gwen Stacy!

an image of Gwen Stacy by Takeshi

Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to be here to announce the nominations for the 2013 Fantastic Fangirl Comic Book Awards. We have five awards for four individuals and one team. Winners will be announced —

a picture of Oliver Queen in the New 52 Continuity

Aren’t you dead?

Um. Everyone… say hello to Oliver Queen.

I heard you were dead.

Well… I’m as alive as you are.

Oh, yeah, no, no, see I was lost for five years on an island.

I thought that was the same thing.


What? Now shhh. I have a job to do. Winners will be announced at the Got Milk Theatre on Tuesday February 26. You have a month to vote, rules follow the program.

an image of Gwen Stacy from Marvel Adventures

In the category Best Character in a Supporting Role, Male the nominees are:

Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Marvel titles
Dr. Stephen Strange in Avengers vs X-Men
Old King Thor in Thor: God of Thunder
Damian Wayne/Robin in World’s Finest
The Will in Saga

In the category Best Character in a Supporting Role, Female the nominees are:

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman in Marvel titles
Leah in Journey Into Mystery
Mera in Aquaman
Karen Starr/Power Girl in World’s Finest
Helena Wayne/Huntress in World’s Finest

Oliver Queen


Mr. Queen, I’d appreciate you didn’t–

Please, Gwennie, call me Ollie.

Don’t call me Gwennie.

a picture of Gwen Stacy glaring


In the category Best Character in a Leading Role, Male the nominees are:

Clint Barton/Hawkeye in Hawkeye
Arthur Curry/Aquaman in Aquaman
Kid Loki in Journey Into Mystery
Marko in Saga
Scott Summers/Cyclops in Marvel titles


Mr. Queen, please!


Ollie! Please!

C’mon, Gwennie, I’m just sick of Hawkguy getting all the attention.

Don’t make me punch you.

a picture of (Ultimate) Gwen Stacy looking angry

In the category Best Character in a Leading Role, Female the nominees are:

Alana in Saga
Kate Bishop/Hawkeye in Hawkeye
Rachel Cole-Alves in Punisher
Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel
Jean Grey in Marvel titles

How are there two Hawkguys up for this?


Whatever, where are the Arrows?!

The CW.

That sounds kinky.

a picture of Gwen Stacy looking Over It

In the category Best Ensemble the nominees are:

Avengers Assemble

The women of Captain Marvel
The Fantastic Four
The Justice League
Wolverine and the X-Men

I don’t remember women in Captain Marvel.

I’m impressed you remember your name.

Ouch, Gwennie, I’m beginning to think you’re not coming to the after party with me.

I’m seventeen. And/or I have a boyfriend. And/or I might be dead.

an adorable picture of Gwen Stacy pwning

Thank you for joining us, now over to the Fangirls for the rules.

For this entirely made up Award, individuals and teams were nominated by a committee consisting of five Fantastic Fangirls and guests. Everyone is invited to vote for the final winners. To vote send an email to anika@fantasticfangirls.org with the Subject Line Comic Book Award Ballot. Vote for ONE individual character or team in each category. Write in votes are welcome! You may vote in any combination of categories but only one ballot per person will be counted so please do not email until you are ready and please send only one email. You will receive a confirmation email when your vote is counted. Please be patient and give me 2 days before emailing that you have not received the confirmation. Votes will be accepted through Sunday February 24. We will tweet reminders!

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to vote; invite your friends and readers and feel free to campaign on your own blog (remember to link back), Twitter, Tumblr, wherever. Do not feel you have to have read all these comics in order to participate, though we encourage everyone to pick up the books. This is a popularity contest, a fun way to honor some of our favorite characters. Please remember it is all for fun and save the drama for the movies! Comment or email with any questions. Thank you!

  • Anika

    I want to note one thing — I believe every named woman in Captain Marvel was mentioned for “Best Supporting, Female”. Helen, Tracey, Monica, Jessica… and Carol almost swept her category. I know we, and our readers, are the audience for CM, but it was pretty remarkable. Since they cancelled each other out in Best Supporting I gave them a slot in Best Ensemble.

  • Jo

    Karen, Helena, & Mera against each other? Noooo!!! How will I choose?

    (Plus I might need to write in someone there too possibly which would make this category the hardest!)

  • Ali

    TEAM KID LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forever loving the dialogue between two characters interspersed with relevant comic panels.

  • Ian