Q&A #188: Plan a comic book convention that would be perfect for YOU.

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

Plan a comic book convention that would be perfect for YOU.


For over a year now I have wanted to present a Ready to Wear Superhero Runway Fashion Show at a convention. It’s never come together, but a girl can dream. Anyway, Comic Book Inspired Fashion Week, that’s number one.

Number two, it’s kid and family friendly. There are specific areas for rest, with couches and quiet, outlets for recharging various electronics. And ice chips. All the food vendors have vegetarian options, and more than just soda to drink. My Little Pony t-shirts come in more than just Men’s sizes.

Number three, more space for conversation. It’s no use complaining that people only visit creators to get things signed when the atmosphere is like some kind of county fair auction house. I’m not sure how this is accomplished but creating a semi-private area for meeting with people would be a good start.

Number four, there’s a costume ball. It’s upscale and requires separate tickets and is basically the ball in Sarah’s dream/nightmare in Labyrinth except with comic book VIPs instead of random aristocracy (although, David Bowie is totally invited).

Number five, it takes place at Disney World.


Back in my early days of Buffy fandom, a friend proposed the idea of “Backyard Con.” Rather than traveling all over the U.S. to attend conventions, she would invite her friends from all over the country to come visit, book a local hotel, and then hold the actual festivities in her yard — barbeque and pool party in the day, TV episodes projected on a screen at night.

I find it hard to improve on this model. Pool everybody’s comics that they maybe-don’t-exactly-want-anymore in a giant bookswap, box up the rest to mail off to libraries or overseas troops. Maybe bring in a few artists who will draw commissions (and like barbeque!)

So that’s my con idea. My backyard might not be quite big enough to accomodate this, though.

Does anybody out there have a pool?


I would really like a comic convention that followed the pattern of the science fiction conventions I attend. I want to do away with the endless tables of huckstering and have lots of panels in which people talk about topics of mutual interest. I want to see writers, artists, and editors playing Iron Artist as they do at CONvergence. I want panels on third-wave feminism as there are at Wiscon. I want hotel parties thrown by fan groups and industry organization and other local conventions, as there are at both CONvergence and Wiscon. I want a chance to mingle and talk over coffee or dinner. And I want it all in a nice hotel, like the Concourse in Madison, with not too many people. Eight hundred or so, tops.

A big party with my friends and friendly acquaintances, more or less.

So what about you? Plan a comic book convention that would be perfect for YOU.

  • Like Sigrid, I basically want Wiscon For Comics. And for DC to announce a line of all-ages comics for girls, with creative teams selected by me. And a unicorn. (Hey, as long as I’m dreaming…)

  • DaveCarr

    I’m all for Backyard Con. The only convention I’d be interested in for convention’s sake is Wiscon, because I think a lot (perhaps too much and too seriously) about everything and how to make things better.

    The only reason I went to New York Comic Con for two years was to hug as many friends as possible. I could give a rat’s ass about the programming with the exception of Artist’s Alley and telling author/artists thanks for all the great comics.

  • Paula

    I haven’t been to any cons, but I’d love to go and see what’s new and interesting in comics. It would have to be kid and family friendly for real – not just something they put on the flyers and then have an independent horror film festival and fangirl lingerie costume contest going on (which is what the one con coming to my area is looking like – sigh).
    Spacious, classy, with artist showcases where it might be comfortable for the artists to work on some pieces during the con, maybe some workshops like at a writing conference but with quick art lessons, script formatting tips, panel discussions, and the Labyrinth ball, definitely! There should be an actual labyrinth too – or would the venue be sufficiently maze-like? :) I would also add games and kid entertainment so it’d be worth bringing my kids and I’d know they were *really* welcome. An area set aside for all-ages comics, face painting, balloons, some superheroes to sign autographs, giant screen showing Avatar, My Little Pony, and other all-ages shows, a big interactive art thing, and – I don’t know, a bouncy house or something :) Bouncing is cool. And ice cream. No alcohol until kid-friendly hours are over.
    I would also like to see a fully accessible venue – I have friends who’d be attending on wheels, y’know. On a more serious note, I’d like security officers as well – creeper deterrent and help for lost kids.