Fantastic Fangirls Podcast 2.4: 2013 Movie Preview

In our newest podcast, we talk about upcoming movies in 2013. In fact, we had so many 2013 movies to talk about that we’re just covering January through March in this episode. Anika, Sam, and Sigrid talk about some things that have caught their eyes. We’ve posted the links to some trailers below so you can follow a long.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
John Dies at the End
Bullet to the Head
Warm Bodies
Beautiful Creatures
A Good Day to Die Hard
Jack the Giant Slayer
Oz: The Great and Powerful
The Host

Along the way, Anika mentions an article that will forever influence her opinion of James Franco:

James Franco is not a good actor. But it’s not a lack of effort which makes him mediocre at best, merely a lack of talent. Franco compensates by making it a point to be interesting. He picks roles he has no business doing, seeks out projects that better actors might be afraid to touch, and damn his ability he’s doing them anyway. James Franco should probably try to get by solely on his James Dean good looks, he should probably go wherever that crooked smile takes him, but he’s not interested. Talented or not he’s out there doing the insane and the ridiculous.

  • Wow, I have exactly the opposite opinion to you regarding Hansel & Gretel. I’m almost always interested in Jeremy Renner, but I seriously can’t stand Gemma Arterton. She’s just not very good at acting, and I’m still annoyed with how much she dragged down Tamara Drewe. (In fairness, the last Bourne movie left me quite underwhelmed, but I blame the script more than Renner for that.)

    Anyway, I’m not really interested in Hansel and Gretel. I get too much of a Van Helsing vibe from the trailer.

    If I heard entertaining things about it, I might check out Beautiful Creatures, but other than that, the only one of these I’m likely to see is Oz. And although I don’t know anything, my guess is that the Good Witch will turn out to be the blonde.

  • Caroline

    1. I have no opinion about Aterton but I am weirdly defensive of Renner, so thanks for that!

    2. I was silently recording this podcast and during it, I said in the chat window that I thought Hansel & Gretel looked too Van Helsing-y. And Anika messaged me that she thought of that too but the chance to say it had passed. So in conclusion I am GLAD we got that on the record.