Q&A #187: What is a comic you are currently enjoying?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What is a comic you are currently enjoying?


I know he’s my boyfriend, but seriously Thor: God of Thunder by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic is just insanely good. I think it’s probably my favorite book out of Marvel NOW! so far. It’s just so freaking epic. I mean, it’s like Simonson good. And Old King Thor is just the greatest thing to happen to comics in a long time. Ancient and grizzled, the Odinson sits on the throne of a fallen Asgard with a missing eye, using the Destroyer’s arm as a prostethic for his own lost limb. And still the old battle axe fights to defend his lost kingdom. Aaron is brilliant about using him in small doses so you always want more of him.

Also there are Icelandic vikings.


Over the holidays, I pretty much overdosed on episodes of Young Justice and X-Men Evolution. Both series primarily featured angsting superpowered teenagers, so to ride off that high I started getting into Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s Runaways.

an image of The Runaways cover

I currently own Volume 1: Pride and Joy and so far, I find the writing extremely clever and the characters really fun to follow. With a teaser like, “All young people believe their parents are evil…but what if they really are?” I can already tell that this will be a wild ride.

an image of The Runaways cover



The thing is, that when you start out in life — when you take your first stab at adulthood, when you leave college or enter the workforce or get married for the first time or join the Peace Corps or the Air Force or you buy your first house or get your first dog — you don’t know what you’re doing. So you look around you and you try to convince everyone that you have got this. That you’ve earned the right to be an adult. That you can handle life like a goddam grown-up. Someone wants an answer? You’ve got it. Someone wants a solution? Problem solved. You are so there.

And then your life happens.

By the time you’re starting a second time around — by the time you’ve gotten married and divorced and remarried, by the time you’ve made it to management, by the time you’ve gone back to graduate school, by the time you’ve acquired kids, by the time your parents are getting older and sicker, you’ve flirted with bankruptcy, you’ve quit partying, you’ve crashed a car, you’ve fucked everything all to hell six ways from Sunday, you’ve gotten a new job — you are done having answers. You’ve figured out the secret, that everyone is faking it the same amount. By the time you’re taking a second or third stab at this whole being a grown-up thing, you know that easy answers are cheap and flawed. You know that idealism will falter. You know that you can try your best and fail utterly. You understand, down to your bones, that you are not really a very nice person.

But you know that you have friends, that you are trusted and loved. You know that you are going to be stupid-stubborn idealistic all the way down. Because if it hasn’t been kicked out of you yet, it never will be.


So what about you? What is a comic you are currently enjoying?

  • CalvinPitt

    I think I said Daredevil last time, and that’s still true, but I’ll give a little light to something else so, Angel & Faith. I’ve always liked Faith, as the character who keeps their kindness wrapped up under a tough/cocky exterior seems to interest me. I like how Gage has placed her at the center of all these obsessed people. Angel, Whistler, Willow, the other Slayers, they’ve all got some crazy thing driving them, and Faith has to try and figure out what to do in each case. Gage hasn’t yet made me care for the other Slayers as individual characters, but he has made me believe they’re important to Faith, so I care about them as a group, because she does. Angel typically annoys me, but I find that’s part of the fun. I enjoy being irritated by his martyr complex and tendency to screw everything up.

    I love Rebekah Isaacs’ art. She can make the characters resemble their actors, but in a way that doesn’t look photo-referenced, and doesn’t rob her work of energy or emotional strength.

  • Jo

    Batgirl!!! Especially now that Gail Simone is staying. But one I never thought I’d love as much as I do is Aquaman. Some really great stuff, and he’s finally a character I enjoy reading about. Lastly — Demon Knights (great team book with some interesting female characters), Wonder Woman (though she is different in her solo than in JL which is odd, but Greek mythology is always cool), Nightwing (duh), World’s Finest (Huntress/PG team up FTW!), and the new Amethyst book.