Skipping to Conclusions: The Originals

In geekdom, we see a lot of teasers. Sometimes it’s just an image or the name of a creator, other times it’s a trailer or a simple tag line. Whatever it is, it’s meant to get a reaction from you and start a discussion. Inspired by the anticipation and buzz caused by these teasers, we at Fantastic Fangirls present Skipping to Conclusions in which we speculate about the comics, movies, TV shows, or whatever we’re excited about but hasn’t come out yet.

by Gabby

According to these two different sources, The CW is contemplating a Vampire Diaries (TVD) spin-off that could start as early as next season. It would center around the family of the original vampires, including Klaus and Rebekah.


There are many elements of this still-developing project that I’m already in love with. Let’s run them down, list-style.

First, the Originals have always been one of my preferred parts of TVD, as they are intrinsically tied with the mythology of the show. As I am not an active “shipper”, I watch weekly to get wrapped up in the historically accurate costumes and stories that the show provides.

Second, the character of Klaus (whom I presume will be the figurehead of the show) is multi-faceted and one of the creepiest creatures on TV. The life of a being that has lived for more than a millenium is bound to be A) super complicated and B) super interesting, and TVD has already explored some of this. I would love to spend more time with this conflicted vampire, who seems to have this really soft side to him. Not only can I see glimpses of this side of him when he speaks to Caroline, but he expresses his emotions through art, which says a lot about who he is. He’s not only the destruction machine that we’ve come to know, but he also has feelings about those actions.

Third, from what I’ve seen so far, the city in which this spin-off will take place is New Orleans. I’ve always had a soft-spot for Louisiana as the home of Cajuns (among other things). Let’s pause for a short history lesson: the word “cajun” derives from “acadian”, which represent the first French settlers to arrive in Eastern Canada, once named Acadia. In 1755, the English took over the lands, expelling and dispersing the Acadian settlers to New England and Europe with the goal of assimilating them to the english way of life. Many Acadians ran away from New England to settle in the as-of-then mostly empty lands of Louisianna, and these French-men are the ancestors of the Cajuns that are there today. As I am myself an Acadian from Eastern Canada (oh yeah, and we claimed back our lands because we’re badass like that), I have deep appreciation for the Cajun culture that seeps out of Louisiana. As such, I’m really excited that New Orleans will be the setting for this new show. It will also offer up many “supernatural” possibilities (as we’ve seen in the episode “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”, as well as the occasional Anne Rice reference.

Lastly, Phoebe Tonkin will most likely be involved. In TVD, she is known as the havoc-wreaking werewolf who [SPOILER] double-crossed Tyler, but I remember her most fondly as Faye Chamberlain in the now-cancelled CW series, The Secret Circle.

I mostly only remember her because she reminded me of Fairuza Balk as Nancy in The Craft. And that is a wonderful thing. This girl has acting chops, and I love to hate her in TVD, so I’m excited to get to hate her more in this spin-off (that will hopefully happen).

I must admit that I’ve been tethering on the edge of “I love it!” and “I don’t like that!” in regards to TVD this season (see: the sire bond, the cure). I think that bringing a spin-off into the mix would be beneficial for two reasons. On the one hand, I believe it would actually tighten the storylines in TVD, giving us more time with the “core” characters which would help to develop their motivations and points of views. On the other hand, the spin-off would serve as the more dark, twisted sister to TVD, much like Angel did to Buffy. It would also provide more mythology and background to the show, something that I am totally fine with.

The episode of TVD airing on April 25th will/should serve as the backdoor pilot for the spin-off; I hope that on that day, my excitement will be justified.