Skipping to Conclusions: Star Trek Into Darkness

In geekdom, we see a lot of teasers. Sometimes it’s just an image or the name of a creator, other times it’s a trailer or a simple tag line. Whatever it is, it’s meant to get a reaction from you and start a discussion. Inspired by the anticipation and buzz caused by these teasers, we at Fantastic Fangirls present Skipping to Conclusions in which we speculate about the comics, movies, TV shows, or whatever we’re excited about but hasn’t come out yet.

J.J. Abrams’s second Star Trek film Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters May 17 and there are trailers, interviews, images, and an extended sneak peek available to dissect, but we still don’t know who the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch is.

a still from Star Trek Into Darkness featuring John Harrison in a glass prison

I am obviously Loki.


He’s totally Khan. It’s like when all the official statements for The Dark Knight Rises said “Marion Cotillard is totally NOT Talia Al’Ghul” and then she totally was Talia. We figured it out so they’ve gone into evasive maneuvers. Otherwise, there’s a slim possibility he’s a completely new villain like Eric Bana in the first movie.


I don’t want him to be Khan because why would Khan be vengeful already? I guess I just hope they don’t try to do “Space Seed” AND “Wrath of Khan” in one movie.


I’m still holding out hope that he’s Gary Mitchell, because “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is one of my favorite episodes of original Trek, and I think it would make for a good modernized Trek story. But, honestly, if he’s Khan I’m not too bothered. I think Cumberbatch is good at a certain type of scenery chewing, and that’s the type of character Khan is.

But that’s not the only question to ponder or conclusion to skip to!

Will Spock — or anyone else — die?



* someone is totally going to die and I will cry like a baby. also, I really hate when they kill main(ish) characters in a movie.


If someone has to die, I hope it’s not Spock. Kirk or McCoy are the next most logical choices and… well, I really, really don’t want any of them to die. Especially New Kirk, he is my favorite. But I guess I’d prefer him to anyone else. I would find Spock dying to be redundant or lazy, and anyone outside the triumvirate would be a cheap sacrifice. Chekov has been seen in a red shirt…but he’s such a cutie, I’d feel so manipulated if he were killed off. Though I feel manipulated even having this conversation.

I don’t want anyone to die. The end :P

Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus, who in Trek Prime mothered Kirk’s son, David. Will David be in the rebooted universe? Should he be?


I’m sad she’s not Elizabeth Dehner. I like Dehner because she wears pants and because she figures in the Giant Novel Strangers from the Sky, which I have a silly love for. But I like Carol Marcus fine, and I like David Marcus fine. But I really do not like accidental pregnancy plots and it’s the twenty third century, you know?


I was disappointed to find out she’s Carol Marcus. It’s not awful, but I’m with Anika and was hoping she was Elizabeth Dehner (because I was hoping Cumberbatch would be Gary Mitchell, like I said, though one could very geekily argue that Marcus gets a mention in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” if one wanted to). I’m also with Anika on the accidental pregnancy plot, which is stupid enough in twenty-first century stories. But I really like the character of Carol, and I like her relationship with Kirk, and her choice to be a single parent who both pursues her career and raises her child, something my own mom did.

Who knows if that’ll happen with the new version, but I’m hopeful.

a still from Star Trek Into Darkness featuring a bruised Spock and Uhura

What are your thoughts on bumps in the road for Spock and Uhura?


The thing that I loved most about Spock and Uhura was that they were both established as awesome individual characters before we found out they were together. They have a wonderful, grown-up relationship that I love to pieces. That said, no relationship is perfect or without flaws, so I’m actually really eager to see what this movie will throw at them and how they handle it. I also really hope they don’t throw a cheap love triangle/jealousy thing in. I think Uhura and Spock (and their relationship) are better than that.


I love Spock and Uhura. LOVE. Their relationship surprised and charmed me and I am one hundred percent behind it. I’m not at all opposed to bumps, drama or angst but I do want them to make it through.


Okay. It is very rare that I ever push for a love triangle, or any sort of twist of canonically straight characters into an m/m relationship (ramble for another time), but I would love to see a love triangle with Kirk/Spock/Uhura in which it is an actual love triangle and all three characters have feelings (or whatever, sorry Spock) for each other. I think it would be a great call out to those original slash shippers out there, I think Star Trek is long overdue for a major queer character, and I think we, as an audience, are ready for it. And as insufferable as some people (ahem) on the internet might be afterwards, I think it would be a great story.

But do we like that title?!


I think people are being a bit silly getting flustered over a title. I mean, there’s a movie currently in theaters called Gangster Squad. Clearly there are worse things than using “trek” as a verb in a movie title (because that’s actually awesome).


I find the title controversy so funny. These same fans all freaked out about the first Abrams film not having a subtitle. Honestly, I actually think it’s cute to use ‘trek’ as a verb? But I also think Attack of the Clones is a cute title, so.

Part of me doesn’t need a trek into darkness. She’d be okay with space hijinks! But most of me is just really excited for more Star Trek.


I didn’t even know there was a controversy! I mean. Look at all the other Trek titles. I’m not too annoyed by it, and I’m pretty excited for some more Trek. Now if only the female characters could start wearing pants (or the male characters skirts, like they tried in the first season of Next Generation) and I would be so happy. Slightly off topic, I know, but if you can change the way the bridge of the Enterprise looks because you’re modernizing, you can move past the clothing conventions of the late 60s. Just sayin’.

What about you, dear readers? What are your thoughts on these questions or other teased plot points?

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