Q&A #185: What would happen if your favorite comic character appeared in your favorite non-comic story?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What would happen if your favorite comic character appeared in your favorite non-comic story?


Well, I love crossovers and I could probably come up with 50 — Carol Danvers joins Starfleet! Kate Spencer is an ADA for Jack McCoy! The Cullens move to Gotham (come on, that would be hilarious)! — but here’s one relevant to two of my current obsessions: Spider-Man and Once Upon a Time.

a still of Peter Parker with docks in the background

“Hi. Who are you?” It’s a small town and everyone knows everyone, especially Henry. It wasn’t that long ago that no one came to — or went from — Storybrooke. Henry had become a detective because he’d had to. But now he liked to think of himself as a reporter, a storyteller, maybe a bard… bard sounded like a fairy tale kingdom thing, right?

“Uh. Peter.”

Henry considered. “Pan?” He was too old by at least five years, but this wasn’t Neverland. And he’d come from the direction of the docks. And he was staring at the clock tower.


“Are you Peter Pan?”

Peter frowned. “Uh… No. What?” The kid crossed his arms. “Uh, Parker. Pete-uh… I’m …Peter Parker.”

a still of Henry Mills looking smug

“Uh huh.” Henry’s eyes narrowed. “Wait. Spider-Man?”

Peter’s mouth dropped open. Henry hit a hand to his head.

“But that’s a whole other book!”


It’s funny, because I can think of a lot of scenarios involving a few different characters in a few different settings. But that’s the hard part, because I have such a difficult time choosing favorites. Of course, anyone who’s read my past Q&A answers knows I love Ollie Queen the most of all, but I’m not reading a single book with him in it right now (though that’ll change with Justice League of America in February). So would I throw pre-reboot Bart Allen into the digital world of Tron? Should Carol Danvers take a trip to Storybrooke (whew, Anika’s kind of got me covered there)? Would Anya Corazon fit in with the Barden Bellas (yes, hilariously)?

So my usual unsubtle sneaking of multiple answers into the Q&A aside, I think I’d throw Matt Fraction’s Clint Barton into the world of Chicago Fire. You know, maybe they respond to a call and there’s Hawkeye sitting on the roof. Casey spots him and gets suspicious, because that’s how Casey is, then gets Dawson’s brother to do some digging. Meanwhile Clint thinks these are good people, especially Mouch, and starts hanging around the firehouse randomly, hitting on both Dawson and Shay, multiple times.

This practically writes itself.


How did I spend my past weekend, other than getting pneumonia and contemplating my sister’s existence? I rewatched the first seasons of two of the best shows that were ever created, in my opinion: Batman Beyond and Veronica Mars.

How do you think I’m going to answer this week’s Q&A?

So, this is not the greatest answer for this question because of reasons I will mention later, but it got into my brain and won’t get out of it, so here we are.

a promo shot of Veronica Mars, being adorable and solving mysteries

How cool would it be if Terry McGinnis went to Neptune High? Or if the events of Veronica Mars occurred in Gotham? Um, the correct answer would be the coolest. Veronica is arguably one of the best female characters on television and Terry has his bad-boy-turned-awesomely-good thing going for him and just imagine the snark. The Snark.

How would it work? Therein lies the problem. For a show with an amazing female protagonist, it really doesn’t have that many other female characters. Mac is there, but the other principle characters tend towards the male end of the gender spectrum. And they are amazing. Logan and Wallace provide Veronica with great drama and support and Keith makes one half of the snarkiest parent/child relationship of all time. All this testosterone doesn’t leave much room for Terry, which is why I should’ve chosen someone like Cassie Cain or even a young Barbara Gordon, but what can you do?

a still of Terry McGinnis on the phone

It would be funny, though. Veronica would figure out Batman’s secret identity in about 2 days and spend the rest of the time using him for her own investigations. After about 2 weeks, she will have made Terry into her Robin and Wallace into Alfred, leaving Logan to be her very own Catwoman (now that’s a visual). And they will be the best Batfamily that ever lived.

And Bruce will want to die.

a still of Old Bruce Wayne looking disturbed

Bonus! Imagine a Back-Up/Ace team up.

a promo shot of Keith Mars and Back Up the dog

a still of Ace the Bat-Dog growling

Good doggies!

So what about you? What would happen if your favorite comic character appeared in your favorite non-comic story?

  • Caroline

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single billionaire industrialist genius in possession of a suit of armor must be in want of a wife.

    Or maybe that’s not true at all, but I would love to see Tony Stark as the Bennett family’s new neighbor, and perhaps Bruce Wayne as his friend visiting from the city.

    Pride & Prejudice & Superheroes!

  • CalvinPitt

    The character is Peter Parker, but I’m not sure where he’s ending up. My first thought was of a book, but my two favorite authors are Asimov and Stephen King. I’m not sure what there would be for Peter to do in the Foundation series, unless it’s about how his presence throws off the Seldon Plan.

    He would be completely out of place in The Gunslinger. There aren’t even any tall things to swing from out in the desert.