Q&A #184: How does a favorite comic book character mark the winter holidays?

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How does a favorite comic book character mark the winter holidays?


Honestly, I think this image says it all:

a panel featuring Superman carrying Santa Claus

But what I really hope for Superman this Holiday season is that he takes a break and stays Clark Kent for a while. Spend some quality time with Ma and Pa Kent on the farm, go into the Smallville town square and drink hot chocolates. Be the wholesome country boy that I know he can be. I think the man deserves it, at least once a year.

a panel featuring Superman with Ma and Pa Kent


The Question would probably start by continuing his research on how snow days are actually a government conspiracy to suppress freedom and democracy.

a shot of The Question


So, I have this thing where I often think about Christmas at odd times during the year. Like, summer. Summer probably holds about 20% of my Christmas thoughts. Which is pretty odd if you really think about it. I could imagine a normal person’s breakdown is 10% October, 23% November, and 67% December (doesn’t it always seem that when December actually gets here, you don’t spend nearly enough time on the holidays? Is that just me?)

Anyway, Christmas in the summer. I think about it.

This summer was no different in that regard. However, there was something really special about this past summer. It was the time of my life during which I dived headfirst into the Avengers fandom. Like, swan dived into fic, comics, animated stuff (shudders—Marvel, you have talent, but it did not lie in the animated Avengers movies), everything.

That preface should be enough for you to see where I am going with this.

Don’t worry, I’ll spell it out anyway: When my mind gets flooded with two distinct thoughts at the same time, I often take the “Mash them together and see what happens” approach. As it is, I spent most of July thinking about how the newly formed Avengers team (MCU universe) would spend Christmas in New York together.

a photo of skating at Rockefeller Center

My first thought was, “HILARITY!” Second was, “HIJINKS!” And third was, “Holy crap, the last Christmas Cap had was during the Depression and a World War! He has no idea how commercialized the holiday season has become.”

a photo of Radio City Musica Hall

In that order.

Immediately, my mind filled with scenarios that involved the team coming together (in there own special ways) to teach Thor what the hell Christmas was and Steve what Christmas became. And then Steve would of course insist on doing things the right way, which involves church and carol singing and helping the poor and generally taking in the spirit of Christmas in New York.

a photo of Saks 5th Avenue store decorated for the holidays

Imagine my surprise when, after weeks of mulling this over in my head, I find a flippin’ fic that HAD ALL THESE THINGS IN IT. IT WAS A CHRISTMAS (in August!) MIRACLE.

a photo featuring Macy's store decorated for the holidays

So, dear readers, if you wanted to read a fic that involved (disastrous) Christmas baking, Thor being awesome, Steve and Santa, Tony buying every child in Macy’s something, and good ol’ Avengers comraderie, I strongly suggest you read Deck the Halls with Daddy Issues. It’s Stony, shut up, but it was more gen team fic than anything.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

So what about you? How does a favorite comic book character mark the winter holidays?

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  • Caroline

    Great answers! I’m pretty sure there’s a ‘Vic Sage makes a snowman w/ orphans’ panel in one of the classic O’Neil/Cowans ‘Question’ comics, though I don’t remember if it’s specifically Christmas related.