Fantastic Fangirls Podcast 2.2: Board Games

This month’s episode of the Fantastic Fangirls podcast is the Newbies Show! New writers Ali, Sam, Sara, and Marie got together to talk about their love for Board Games! We did not make Anika watch Blade Runner… yet.

In the show we discuss games like Fluxx, Apples-to-Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Battlestar Galactica, Circle of Death/Kings and the classic Trivial Pursuit, as well as gaming groups, our favorite gaming memories and being competitive.

After gaming, we gush about what we’re currently loving right now: like “Justice League Unlimited,” “Chicago Fire,” “Boston Legal,” “Hawkeye,” and Sentinels of the Multiverse. It wouldn’t be a podcast without digressions, so we wrap up the show with a Lightning Round question: What fictional character do you want to sleep with the most?

You can check out the About Us page to find Ali, Sam, Sara, and Marie on the interwebz.

[Editor note: Sorry this one was a little late — we were going to post at the start of November, but we had delays because of weather, technical difficulties and everything else you can think of. We did get this in under the wire though — hope you enjoy! Also, there’s a bit of static toward the end of this episode, but it clears up quickly.]

FF Podcast 2.2 – Board Games

  • Caroline

    I wouldn’t have been much use on this podcast b/c I don’t play board games BUT I would have proposed ‘threeway with James Bond and Captain’ (the Daniel Craig and Chris Evans versions) for the lightning round. That is everything I want out of life. /TMI

    Lovely discussion. I’m sorry for the delays and (my) screwups, but I think you folks for your persistence in putting this together. Rock on.

  • Caroline

    (Err, that’s James Bond and Captain America, obvs.)

  • Sara

    Caroline, your answer to the Lightning Round is perfection.

  • Caroline

    I was listening like, “They have to THINK ABOUT IT? I’ve got this one. This is the one question I would be prepared to answer immediately.”

    You guys now know way too much about me.

  • Sara

    LOL. I normally take about 3 nanoseconds, but I’m into so many new shows/books/movies, I got bombarded with images of Derek, Scott, and Stiles (Teen Wolf), Cap and Iron Man (MCU movies), Alan Shore (Boston Legal), and Atticus Finch (played by Gregory Peck).

    Wow, I’d get around in the fictional sphere…

  • Caroline

    LOL, yes, it’s about narrowing it down 😛

  • DaveCarr

    Oh! I would have a threeway with Big Barda and Oracle. I would not throw Daniel Craig out of bed