Q&A #181: What comic book crossover duo should fight crime together?

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What comic book crossover duo should fight crime together?


I have this imagining, based on a Heroclix game I once played, wherein Damian Wayne is raised by Natasha Romanova. And they, of course, fight crime together. They do all the things “heroes” can’t.

two images: Damian Wayne with a firefly and Natasha Romanova reading a file

You have to admit our world would be safer.


I came up with a sugar&spice combo.

On the sugar side, we have Willow Rosenberg:

a panel of Willow casting magic

And on the spice side, we have Jessica Jones:

a panel of Jessica Jones being bad ass in a leather jacket

I guess it could technically turn out to be a spice&spice combo, depending on the day. Dark!Willow, anyone?

I believe that with Jess’ foul mouth, private dick skills and honesty, coupled with Willow’s witchy powers, compassion and geekery, crime could not stand a chance in whatever city they decide to make their own.

I would pay good money to read this.


Oliver Queen and Clint Barton. I know, I know. But by now you probably know I love me some Arrow Family. And I’m thinking very specifically of a pre-reboot Ollie, the dysfunctional father figure, and a Hawkguy Clint, the a self-deprecating anti-hero.

Dinah and Ollie talk to Mia about protection

Look at Ollie’s face. Priceless.

Anyway, I think it would be great for Clint to get a glimpse of a possible future in the older, probably not much wiser Ollie. I imagine it would start with the usual “who are you” type encounter, where they each try to one up the other one with archery skills while one of the women in their lives sits on the sidelines and snarks about men and their [arrow] shafts. Or, preferably, more than one woman, because a Dinah, Mia, Kate team up would be a great book all on its own.

Where was I? So after they begrudgingly agree that maybe (maybe) they’re evenly matched, they start swapping war stories and comparing trick arrows (more snark). Then something bad happens and they save the day. Back at the Queen family compound, Clint brings the beer, Ollie makes some chilli, Clint gives Lian a purple onesie, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Until the next issue, anyway.


I don’t know where this popped up in my head and I’m not sure it would be safe to explore that particular region of my brain, but I kinda love the results this time around.

Which two kickass spuerheros would I LOVE seeing working together? Big Barda and Captain America.

a panel of Barda talking smack about a dragon

a panel of Captain America punching Hitler

In my very convoluted head, Hitler and a dragon are interchangeable. Yeah, my mind? Scary place.

Anyways, the reasons behind wanting to see this duo team up are pretty simple: 1) They are awesome. 2) They are really awesome. 3) They are really, really awe–you get the idea.

For me, the best parts of Cap’s personality in the MCU movie universe is how respectful and full of admiration he is of women. Particularly strong women. I mean, come on! Look at Peggy Carter! Look at Natasha!

stills from the film Captain America featuring Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter

a promotional image of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff

And does this macho man balk in the face of strong ball-busting women?

a still of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

a still of Captain America and Black Widow

Of course not!

Steve finds value in every soldier because its the drive and determination that makes you a great hero, not gender or ability (not that any of the ladies in comics are anything less than extraordinary).

So you can bet that he would appreciate Barda for who she is: a warrior.

a panel of Barda being chill

And a kickass one at that. Together, they would get stuff done, well and honorably.

So what about you? What comic book crossover duo should fight crime together?

  • Ali

    So, for reasons I can’t really explain, I suddenly and desperately want a Hope Summers-Katniss Everdeen team-up. They are stubborn, curmudgeonly ladies with no tolerance for bullshit. Hope is always busting on Katniss’ bow and arrows. And Katniss is always trying to steal Hope’s jetpack.

    And they will SO kick your ass.

  • Ali – I found this on tumblr yesterday: http://i.imgur.com/8mvw2.png. It semi-relates to your comment 😉

  • Martin Léger

    Aw man, I love Peggy Carter. She was the reason why the Captain America movie worked! Remove her from the equation and the movie falls flat. They actually have an evolving relationship and some little flirting that I’m not even sure they realize they’re doing. Simply Awesome.

    As for crossovers, I always wanted to see the comic character teaming up with her or his movie/show version. Like Raven from the comics, meets up with the Teen Titans Cartoon’s Raven. Or the comic BPRD crew meetup with the movie BPRD crew.