Q&A #180: What is your catch phrase?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What is your catch phrase?


I was totally going to say, “tiny, but fierce.” And then I realized that’s more of a caption than a catch phrase. It’s not like I yell “TINY BUT FIERCE!!!” as I’m about to smite my enemies, or walk into a bar. Actually, maybe I should do that.


Oki doki loki!
OH, or: Never give up, never surrender!
OH, OH, or: Positive outcomes only.

My family has a game, that’s not a game so much as Something We Do, where we speak in quotes. Not back and forth until someone trips up, that would actually be a game, but in everyday average conversation. So my catch phrases are all stolen. And so are my captions, like Never forget who you are, or Strong at the broken places.


My catch phrase is probably “Like you do.” Because I say it all the time. I even annoy myself with how much I say it. I do ridiculous things, then say “Like you do!”

So what about you? What is your catch phrase?

  • Caroline

    “Jean Grey would not put up with this bullshit.”

    or “Survive and advance”

    or “Serenity now”

    or “Live it every day.”

    I like catch phrases.

  • CalvinPitt

    I’d like it to be something like “maybe so, but then again, maybe no”, or “I got nothin’ against {insert subject of discussion}, but I got nothin’ for it, either.” But I rarely get the chance to use those.

    So it’s probably “Guhroovy”. Which I stole form Earthworm Jim, but I do say it.

  • My catch phrase is “You know what, I don’t weally cawe :3 ” cawe means care weally means really 😀 XD