Q&A #179: What is a comic you are currently enjoying?

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Recurring Q&A: What is a comic you are currently enjoying?


What comic am I NOT currently enjoying is probably a better question, because I’m pretty much in love with everything I’ve been reading lately. Always on top of my to-read pile are: Daredevil, The Flash, Fury Max, Hawkeye, Journey into Mystery, Mind the Gap, Rachel Rising, Saga, The Sixth Gun, Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Wonder Woman. I know, that’s a lot of titles. But seriously, they are all really fantastic and you should check them out if you’re not already reading them.

I was planning on gushing about Hawkeye because it’s just the coolest damn comic ever, but Sam gives it some well-deserved love below. So instead I’m going to gush about Wonder Woman.

The thing with Wonder Woman is, not only is it SO FREAKING GOOD (because it totally is), but it’s also the first time the title has been this good since I’ve been reading comics. So as I Wonder Woman fangirl, this is like the best thing ever for me. I do a happy dance every time I read it.

a panel from Wonder Woman featuring Diana swinging her lasso

Aside from that, this comic is SO FREAKING GOOD (see above). And not just for a Wonder Woman comic. For all comics. While he is sort of telling an origin story for Diana, Brian Azzarello is doing this amazing, effed up crime family drama with the Greek gods. And the designs Cliff Chiang has done for the entire pantheon, on top of the his stellar sequential art in the book, is just completely out of this world. I can’t even… he’s just so freaking fantastic. Matt Wilson’s colors are always jaw-droppingly gorgeous. And Tony Atkins is brilliant when he’s “filling in” on pencils. The book is beautiful, is what I’m saying. On top of that it’s just SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

a panel from Wonder Woman featuring Diana at a bar


I’m basically the anti-Ali right now.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying any comics, but I’m at one of those stages in the enthusiasm cycle when let them pile up on the table for a week or so. When I finally get to them, I’m more likely to react with, “That’s kind of neat,” and file it away, rather than run to Twitter crying, “Oh my God, everybody, check this out!” I’m digging X-Factor and Hawkeye and Captain Marvel and Batwoman, among others, but I haven’t done much shouting from the rooftops lately.

Let me grab a rooftop, then, to mention the Vertigo book Fairest, a spinoff of Fables. I have an on-and-off relationship with the Fables franchise. I didn’t pick up Fairest when it first came out, so I only have a vague idea of what the premise of the series is suppost to be (something about princesses?) However, I discovered that the current arc is being written by Lauren Beukes, the author of Zoo City, a novel I very much enjoyed.

Beukes’s arc stars Rapunzel, and sends her on a mission to Japan. The story touches on common elements that connect European folktales to their Eastern counterparts. Beukes gives Rapunzel a compelling mission, while artist Inaki Miranda’s vibrant layouts and Eve De La Cruz’s brilliant colors create a unique fusion of modern and mythological worlds.

the first page of The Hidden Kingdom

Whether or not you’re a regular Fables reader, this story stands nicely and memorably on its own. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with Fairest when Beukes’s run is over, but it’s nice to discover something genuinely new to me, and remember what it feels like to say, “Hey, you’ve got to read this.”


I’m actually enjoying quite a few titles out of DC right now, including Justice League and Earth 2. This is kind of a surprise for me, as I’ve never really been a fan of team books in the past. But the biggest surprise for me is Hawkeye. I really love Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye. Like. In a passionate, I would recommend this book to my non-comic reading friends sort of way.

The thing is… I’ve never liked Hawkeye. I’m a Green Arrow fan; I like my archers emerald. I’ve always found Clint’s attitude pretty off-putting, and I groaned when he was added as a character to The Avengers movie. Like. Literally groaned. (I remained unimpressed, but I don’t really get the Jeremy Renner thing.)

But I kept hearing good things about Hawkeye, so I finally gave in and got it and OH MAN IT’S GREAT. The art makes it seem like a 70s pulp/exploitation/grindhouse film and it works so well with the story Fraction is telling, and the particular Hawkeye he’s writing. And that Hawkeye is a self-deprecating, grizzled veteran of superheroing, who’s totally aware that he’s an ass.

a panel from Hawkeye featuring Clint being awkward

I’m anxiously awaiting future Hawkguy issues, and that’s something I never thought I’d say.

So what about you? Recurring Q&A: What is a comic you are currently enjoying?

  • Yes to all of that?

    I didn’t really dig the new52 WW when it first came out. Something about the art turned me off (blasphemy?), but now that I’m reading umpteen more comics on regular basis than I was before, I think my eyes have “adjusted” to some of the stronger art styles in the business. I picked it up a few issues ago and I really dig it, mostly for the writing.

    I also really like Fairiest. So pretty, and so far, the stories have been great, too. You don’t have to be a Fables reader to get it, but it helps with some of the context. There are few Fables spoilers in it, too, but until you read Fables, you won’t know.

    And Hawkeye.

    One of the few that I’ve read and then shoved the iPad at my husband and said “You’re reading this. Right now.”

    Sadly, everything else I love is changing/hiatus-ing. American Vampire continues to be the best vampire stories out there in any medium, but sadly, it’s days are numbered. I also really loved Gillen’s JiM run with Loki with my whole heart (thanks, Ali, for turning me onto that). I may have shed actual tears in the last couple of issues. Hopefully the upcoming Sif run will ease the pain.

  • Caroline

    Kelly, I’m glad you mentioned ‘American Vampire.’ That was almost my answer but I’ve gotten behind on the hardcovers so I wasn’t sure if I should count it as ‘currently reading.’ (I also might have mentioned ‘Avengers Academy’ or ‘New Deadwardians,’ but those both just ended as well :-/)

  • CalvinPitt

    If I’m going to limit myself to one, and I better or this will go forever, Daredevil. I like Matt’s attempts to keep his attitude up, even while doubting his sanity. I like the humor, I like the interplay between he, Foggy, and Assistant D.A. McDuffie. And I really like Chris Samnee’s art.

  • I forgot about Wolverine and the X-men!!! and Dragon Knights! (this is what happens when I finally make my pull list :)

    Caroline – I feel like New Deadwardians (and to a lesser degree I,Vampire) are books that had me in mind as the perfect target audience. Neither really stuck, which was disappointing.

  • Caroline

    New Deadwardians was totally up my alley. I’ll probably write a review when the trade comes out (Maybe. I am bad at keeping track of these things). Something about the combination of proper British decorum and undead shenanigans. Also, there’s a dude who uses the alias Pretendleby.

  • Only serie I’m currently reading is “Amulet” by Kazu Kibuishi. It’s graphic novel for kids but love it anyway. Art is gorgeous, characters are great. Somebody should direct animated film based on this story.
    It’s my forst comment here so hello everyone :)

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