Q&A #174: What comic book characters should body-swap for a day?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What comic book characters should body-swap for a day?


Emma Frost and… well, anyone really.

I’ll be totally honest, most of the time I hate Emma. But in that “I love hating you” kinda way! She’s just so deliciously self-centered and vain. Because of that, she would absolutely HATE being in someone else’s body. But what would really wind her up is knowing that someone else was in hers–soiling it with their inferior presence.

And that would just be hilarious to read.

a comic scan of the character Emma Frost


Batman and Superman!

Now that I write that, I have great confidence that in all the years of “World’s Finest/Detective/Action” comics, this story MUST exist. Somebody in our audience can probably tell me about it, but it’s not one that I’ve run across before.

The reasons are obvious. Batman has always been famous as the character who wins every time in spite of his total lack of powers. Supes, on the other hand, has the classic gentle, aw-shucks personality, in spite of his great power. So what would happen if they were reversed? Would Clark’s sweetness be as easily maintained when he didn’t have the knowledge that he could beat everyone with one hand behind his back? Would Bruce find a better use for Superman’s extraordinary power (as he has probably secretly always suspected he would?)

I don’t know the answer to this but suddenly I really want to find out!

Two images of Superman and Batman, side by side


Pre-reboot Ollie Queen and Dinah Lance. This may be a far out reference, and I know it’s not entirely applicable, but to me they’ve always been the Nick and Nora Charles of the DCU.

So what about you? What comic book characters should body-swap for a day?

  • Caroline


    You need Uncanny X-Men #152 stat!

  • I’ve always thought it would be hilariously awkward for anybody to body-swap with Jamie Maddox. Keeping it within X-Factor, Jamie switching bodies with Monet would be AWESOME.