A Fond Farewell

Loyal Fantastic Fangirls readers may remember that last summer I took an internship at Marvel Comics in the X-Men editorial office. Today, I’m here to announce that I’ve become a part of that office in a more official capacity: as a full-time assistant editor.

As you might imagine, I’m thrilled to be starting this job, and I want to extend my thanks to anyone I’ve talked to through this blog over the past four years as I shored up my comics knowledge and sharpened my ability to think critically about the medium.

Unfortunately, my acceptance of this position means that my time at Fantastic Fangirls has come to an end. Continuing to review or even make silly comments about comics would be a major conflict of interest for me in my new role. I’ll still be active on twitter (now @jenmargretsmith), and you can always e-mail me at throughthebrush@gmail.com. Caroline, Sigrid, and Anika remain some of my closest friends, and I can’t thank them enough for being a part of this crazy journey with me.

Thanks, everyone, for following my words. I hope you’ll do the same for some of the comics I’ll be working on.

Posted by Jennifer Margret Smith
Twitter: @jenmargretsmith
E-Mail: throughthebrush@gmail.com

  • PCash

    Thanks for everything, Jennifer, and best of luck in the new gig–show that Bullpen how it’s done!