Q&A #161: What Marvel or DC character would you like to see in a manga universe?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

What Marvel or DC character would you like to see in a manga universe?


There have been a number of manga series based on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion but none (I’m aware of) deals with NERV’s American partner. Which is, quite obviously, Norman Osborn’s HAMMER. Normie, post-apocalypse, building giant robots that can only be piloted by people under the age of 15…so he (quite obviously) has a ‘camp’ for his teenage minions. And, of course, a small band of them rebel. It’s the best parts of Dark Avengers PLUS GIANT SEMI-SENTIENT ROBOTS WITH THE BRAIN PATTERNS OF THE CHILDREN’S MOTHERS AND/OR NORMIE’s EXES. (You’re welcome).

Fun fact! Neither NERV nor HAMMER are actually acronyms.

Also, Beast Boy in Fruits Basket is a thing that should happen.


Since I’ve already argued that the Heroes for Hire would make a great rock band, and since I first encounter Misty Knight and Colleen Wing when they were hanging out with the X-Men in Japan. . .clearly Misty, Colleen, Danny, and Luke should go up in a battle of the bands against the kids from Nana.


Once again, the only manga I’ve read in its entirety is Fullmetal Alchemist, but the worldbuilding for that series is so rich that I could probably think of a million potential options for crossovers. In this case, though, I have to go with Tony Stark. FMA, after all, contains a town called “Rush Valley” — a thriving region populated almost entirely with engineers who specialize in crafting frequently-weaponized metal prostheses. The creator of the Iron Man armor, much like FMA’s teenage girl engineer Winry Rockbell, would think he’d found heaven on earth.


One of the strengths, in my estimation, of the manga form, is an exaggeration of emotion. Passion causes physical pain, grief blackens the entire room, rage blanks out an entire page. I like this.

Okay, to be honest, I flat-out love this. I revel in the wildly out-of-control emotions in manga. Heck, I revel in the out-of-control repression in manga. Mmmm, repression …

This is the sort of fanfic I used to write for comics. Take the superhero characters I love and turn all the emotions up to eleven and turn them loose on the unsuspecting world! Turn them loose to rage, to pine, to mourn, to, to, to — to have really aggressively angst-laden conversations about their feelings outside of a Starbucks. To pick an example not-at-all at random.

So who would I like to see move from superhero comics to a manga-verse? Any of them. All of them. I love Bendis’s New Avengers to pieces, and the only thing I would change is I would have MORE angsty conversations about feeeeeeeeelings. I love X-Men Legacy, and the only change I would make would be to remove the fights and have them process their relationships all the time. I love Batwoman, and want to have a whole comic of Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer talking to each other about their family angst.

So. Yes. Any character would do.

So what about you? What Marvel or DC character would you like to see in a manga universe?

  • Caroline

    I am in favor of ALL these ideas. The fit w/ Norman Osborn and NERV is uncanny, and Rush Valley fits way too well with Tony’s inclination to build suits of armor for all his friends. . .

  • CalvinPitt

    I’d kind of like to see Hawkeye in the DragonBall universe. He has this history of taking out immensely powerful foes (like Elders of the Universe) with his wits and trick arrows. So set him in a world where seemingly all the big fights are settled with yelling, flying, and shooting energy out of your hands, and watch him try and prove he doesn’t need any of that nonsense to get by.

    I’d prefer to pit Gendo Ikari against Amanda Waller, because I don’t much care for Gendo, and I think the Wall has a better chance of handing him his lunch than nuthatch Norman Osborn does. If I was including the Squad, though, I might shift them to the Read or Die universe, where they could be the U.S.’s way of trying to covertly undermine Britain’s supremacy on the world stage.

    Vril Dox might be an interesting addition to Outlaw Star. His interest in the law as a tool to help himself could be interesting in a universe where power is split between the police, the outlaws, and the pirates. Dox would set himself up independent of all of them, preferring to be beholden to no one, and the question is what would he do? Play them against each other so they weaken themselves until he can build an organization, or ally with them temporarily and raid their organizations? What would he present himself as, a lawman, a strategist, a weapons designer? How does he handle it when he inevitably irritates people to the point they come after him, which he will, because he’s an abrasive jerk.