Q&A #135: If your town was assigned a superhero to protect it, who would you want it to be?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments.

If your town was assigned a superhero to protect it, who would you want it to be?


There is a reason The Stepford Wives takes place in Connecticut. We are not solely made up of privileged judgmental cookie cutter extremists, but it’s not unfair to say that element has a home in our suburbs. I live in what is, in theory, a city and when my swim team or chorus would travel to other schools in state we would be met with fear and questions about knife fights (for the record, I have never witnessed a knife fight). It is an odd little place to live and I have lived here most of my life.

But I grew up at, and now work at, Wesleyan University and I would actually say that is my town. And Wesleyan has a Connecticutonian sensibility, but we also have a very superheroic desire to ACT. To DO SOMETHING and CREATE CHANGE. Usually in an awesomely subversive way.

It’s fair to say V would want a bigger platform — he works in London, after all. But actually, V is all of us, and certainly fits in at Wesleyan University, Connecticut.


My town of Richmond, Virginia doesn’t have much of a “hook” to create a superhero around. That is, Richmond is famous for things, but they’re historical and mostly out-of-date as far as modern politics. When a new minor league baseball team came in a few years ago, in fact, they went with a mascot that didn’t have any particular ties to the city. However, come to think of it, they did go with a rather superheroic design.

Therefore, guarding the skies of Richmond, I give you Nutzy the Flying Squirrel:


Since I’ve been here for over a year now, I suppose “my town” is Madison, Wisconsin. And in that case, I’d want a Wisconsin native for a protector: someone who understands the state and its unique culture, and someone who would have the special knowledge to battle the supervillains who make Madison their headquarters (like, say, Governor Scott Walker). Unfortunately, my pickings are relatively slim — I’m certainly not going to call upon the Great Lakes Avengers. I want someone at least relatively competent. So, almost by default, I would have to go with Greg Willis, a.k.a. Gravity, a superhero from Sheboygan created by Wisconsin native Sean McKeever. He’s still relatively green as a superhero, making plenty of mistakes as he learns the ropes, but he’s earnest and well-meaning and in search of a higher calling (particularly in the wake of the cancellation of Young Allies). Protecting the capital of his home state might be just the thing to give him a sense of purpose.


Normally I might try to answer something outside of my normal range of replies, but I want this one too much. For purely selfish reasons, because I want to have coffee with her and see her kid and meet Luke, I want Jessica Jones to be the protector of Saint Paul, Minnesota. I can only imagine what she would say about the difficulty of getting kids into and out of carseats in our snow storms.

So what about you? If your town was assigned a superhero to protect it, who would you want it to be?

  • Anika

    I wanted Caroline’s answer to be Pocahontas 😉

  • Oh my god, that squirrel has POUCHES. That’s amazing. Can he be Squirrel Girl’s boyfriend?

  • Anika — Pocahontas is on my voter sticker!

    Jennifer: I want the fanfic this picture comes from:

  • Oh, dammit, comments won’t show my image. Anyway, it’s here

  • Jess

    Well, New York already has plenty of superheroes. But as a native Brooklynite, I’d really like to claim Guy Gardner as our local hero. I know he’s from Baltimore, but he’s just so Brooklyn. And if Kyle moved back to Manhattan, they could hang out!

  • In Anchorage, a superhero would need to be able to work outside in any weather, and preferably be able to take advantage of that weather. As far as that goes, Storm would be perfect. She can absolutely handle snow and ice and she flies with wind, so she has to be able to handle the cold. Also, she speaks with authority, which would be helpful for defusing volatile situations.

    On the other hand, the Municipality of Anchorage stretches over nearly 2000 square miles, including city, town, coastline, mountains, and mudflats. As such, the superhero would need to be able to move quickly to respond where needed in the muni and, considering Alaska’s unforgivable superhero deficiency (Hellcat totally doesn’t count and the Alaskan member of the X-men only remember the state exist when it’s convenient for angst or mass murder), they would probably need to be able to respond to emergencies all over South Central Alaska. Also, considering the number of small, privately owned planes and military drills that utilized helicopters and other aircraft, they should be able to fly and have great strength. This would also allow them to help in case of earthquakes or volcanic ash fall, the two natural disasters that seem most likely at this point. Invulnerability and enhanced senses would also be ideal both for quick response and for search-and-rescue operations in the wilderness. Freeze breath or at least the ability to carry lots and lots of water would be helpful for putting out seasonal brush fires.

    Moving beyond the ability requirements, there are other considerations to narrow the list down further. Considering the informality of the area, they would have to be fairly easy-going at a personal level and it would be best if they knew or were willing and able to learn Korean considering Anchorages demographics. Furthermore, to help improve people’s lives both in and outside of the city pro-actively, someone who could help to create jobs and help develop energy sources and industry that don’t rely completely on oil, because at some point in the future oil will run out and people will lose jobs. It would be awesome if the superhero of Anchorage could help in some small way to ease the economic transition into other industries.

    Considering all of the above, I would want Power Girl protecting my home municipality. As a Kryptonian, she has the superpowers that would help the most and as a person, especially the way she’s portrayed by Palmiotti and Grey, The has the right attitude and the experience to run such a company.

    Oh, and her sidekick’s Terra, who would almost certainly be helpful in case of earthquakes.

  • Addendum:

    My choice may or may not be influence by my being able to imagine Power Girl happily relaxing in a coffee shop in downtown Anchorage, something that would be essential to the mental well being of any superhero in the area. And she would be cool to hang out with.

  • My interest in Gravity just went up signifigantly. Go Wisconsin! Although I must say having Jessica Jones and Luke Cage around would be awesome, too.

    Personally, I think Carol Danvers would fit into Madison well. As a science fiction writer and as previous editor of Woman Magazine, Carol would at least have a place at Wis Con, the feminist sci-fi convention held in Madison. And as a super hero, she’d have plenty of oppurtunities to stop alien invasions and punch mad scientists. You can’t tell me that the isthmus isn’t a UFO hotspot.

  • CalvinPitt

    It’s a serious step down for him, but I’ll take Cosmo, from Guardians of the Galaxy and Annihilators. A telepathic, telekinetic, cosmonaut dog? Heck, yeah. He has teleporter access, so he can go back to Knowhere whenever he needs to.

    I’d also accept Hellcat if Ryorin doesn’t want her in Alaska, though I think she’d be bored to tears here.