Announcing: REVISIT

It’s the end of the Summer, it’s the start of a new school year and a new television season, it’s a four day weekend for many and yesterday was 90210 day — it’s that time of the year when we feel both driven and nostalgic. It’s the perfect time for:


This September the Fantastic Fangirls will be re-reading and reviewing a trade paperback, story arc, or graphic novel of our choice and we invite you to join us. The parameters are simple: pick a story you haven’t read in a while and for whatever reason want to revisit — maybe it was the first comic you ever read, maybe you want to be sure you really love it (or hate it) the way you think you do, maybe you want to revisit a simpler time, or a darker one, or compare it to the movie version that has since come out — whatever reason, pick it up and read it again.

We will be posting our thoughts throughout September. If you do participate send us a link to your blog post — or you can use our comments to tell us your Revisit experience.

Enjoy and spread the word!