Q&A #77: What comic book characters should be in a rock band together?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments:

What comic book characters should be in a rock band together?


I’ve mentioned before I don’t like the X-Men in Space stories or basically anything to do with Corsair or the undeniable fact that Alex’ and Scott’s dad is a space pirate (don’t even get me started on Vulcan). In my X-Men stories (and in my Carol Danvers stories) it all makes me cringe.


Christopher Summers and Freddie Mercury were secretly the same person. And it only makes sense that when Alex took over the space-pirating, he also took over the glam rock. They don’t have to change their name. THE STARJAMMERS is already one of the best band names ever conceived of. And until I am informed otherwise (hint Marvel!!) I will imagine that Alex Summers, Rachel Grey, and Lorna Dane are on tour.


If there was ever a band of heroes that could set the music world on fire, it would have to be the Heroes for Hire/Daughters of the Dragon gang of Luke Cage, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Danny Rand.

Luke, with his deep booming voice and amazing range trades off lead vocals with the spry, fast paced Colleen. Misty, with that bionic arm, is a born bass player, while Danny applies his Immortal Iron Fist to percussion. Sometimes he sticks with a standard drum kit and sometimes (as the George Harrison of the group) he brings in the world music influences he picked up in the lost city of K’un L’un. It’s an eclectic sound, befitting one of Marvel Comics’ most diverse teams. I have no idea what their music would sound like but I’m pretty sure it would be awesome.


For over a decade, my favorite band in the world has been Hanson, the three Oklahoma brothers who burst onto the scene in 1997 with “MMMBop.” In fact, I’ll be seeing them in concert tonight. And because of my Hanson love, I’ve come to believe that there’s something inherently lovely about the idea of three brothers working together and making awesome music, despite all the potential for sibling rivalry. In fact, being in a band probably brings brothers closer together than they would be otherwise.

So, based on this theory, I’d like to propose another band of three brothers. They’re all very different, it’s true, and they rarely get along in the comics, but under the right circumstances, I think they could be very popular — or at least memorable one-hit wonders.

If nothing else, the pyrotechnics would be amazing!


I just watched the movie The Runaways last week. So. Y’know.

Helena Bertinelli on bass guitar. She’s tempermental, sure, but too devoted to getting the job done to be a lead guitarist. At heart, Helena will see the song and the set through before storming out of the dressing room.

Scandal Savage, drums. Scandal is better than all of this, but as long as she gets to perform, gets to drum, and gets her pick of the groupies, it’s all fine. Nothing mends a broken heart like the new girl in the next town.

Laura Kinney, rhythm guitar. Laura will do what she is told, and will do it very, very well. You don’t want her using her initiative, though.

Jessica Jones, keyboards. She’s a little too old for this, and wonders why she said yes to coming back, but now that she’s here she’ll stick it through.

Carol Danvers, lead guitar. The actual leader of the band, Carol can’t decide if she’s a den mother or a drill sergeant. But the moments of glorious solos in the spotlight make up for the hard work of keeping this mess of a band together.

Casey Bullocks-Femur, lead vocals. Casey loves the band, loves the crowds, loves the groupies, loves the interviewers, and loves you. And every moment she sings, you know it.

So what about you? What comic book characters should be in a rock band together?

  • Dan

    Ben Grimm on drums. Scott Pilgrim on lead guitar. Pixie on bass guitar. Freefall on keyboards. Banshee (Theresa) would provide lead vocals.

    Booster Gold would be their manager.

  • Kari

    If someone made a Starjammers t-shirt on it with Alex, Lorna, and Rachel rocking out, I would be ALL OVER IT. I really like all the ideas, but that one just makes me happy.

  • Obviously Polaris, Havok & Rachel got tired of sharing the spotlight so they formed their own band and are now touring the galaxy together. For some reason, I think they need a fourth… it’s a parity thing, like Fleetwood Mac or Mamas and Papas.