Q&A #76: What comic book do you want made into a video game?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments:

What comic book do you want made into a video game?


I would like a teen superhero dating sim. The questing would be all about learning to be a superhero and there could be fighting, puzzles, and other minigames. And then dating — which could be called building a relationship and learning teamwork if it MUST. But would totally be dating. Or at least bonding. And the points you win for superheroing would get you accessories for your supersuit and cool gadgets all the better to impress your teammates with.

Pretty much any teen team would work: any version of the Titans or the X-Men, any of the current Young Avengers/Allies/Academy. Or it could center on a certain teen — like Spider-Man, or Dick Grayson, or Supergirl, or Hope Summers.

Build a superhero, build a super-identity, build a super team, and build relationships. With fighting, puzzles, and other minigames. Plus dress-up. And dating. Best game ever.


I’m thinking Phonogram Rock Band.

Phonogram, the incomparable two volume love letter to pop music by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie presents all kinds of playable possibilities. There are the songs, of course. Reading Phonogram already persuaded me to sample many of the musical artists featured in that book, and the chance to obsess over the songs, and sing and play along with them, would help complete the full Phonogram experience. (There could even be bonus points for dancing — or awkwardly not-dancing — like David Kohl).

The opportunities don’t end there, though, because Phonogram presents role-playing possibilities, too. The major characters in the comic are “phonomancers” — music-based magicians — each with their own special set of interests and abilities. The message of Volume 2, The Singles Club seemed to be, in part, that everybody who loves music carries some of this magic with them. The chance for every player to design a character, based on their own musical likes and dislikes, would add a personal dimension to the game.

I know the idea of a Phonogram game isn’t very realistic — music licensing costs money — but it’s a fun idea to kick around. We could all be phonomancers for a day.


Honestly, I’m not much of a gamer. I’ve played my fair share of Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog and Rock Band, but for the most part video games — especially intense, multi-layered games with elaborate storylines — are beyond me. I like a good fighting game as much as anyone else, despite being a button masher of the highest order, but most fighting games based on comic books have already been done, from my beloved X-Men arcade game to the Justice League: Task Force game my younger brother and I used to play on our Sega Genesis.

So the most useful kind of comic book game, for me, wouldn’t be something elaborate — it would, instead, be the kind of game I could mindlessly click at while working a desk job or talking on the phone or brainstorming a thesis for a paper. Solitaire with comic book characters on the cards, for instance, or Bejeweled with various colored lantern rings as the gems. I once made a custom set of Snood icons out of images of characters from RENT, and it made the game experience just a bit brighter; I can only imagine the effect would be the same with superheroes. I don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full-fledged video game — just give me a flash game with a comic book twist, and I’m sold.


Oh, well, that’s easy.

LEGO Birds of Prey.

Here’s a set of images from LEGO Batman: The Videogame:

I look at that and can only squeak in glee at the thought of LEGO Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress, and whoever else from whatever era of the comic gets included. Don’t you want to see the LEGO Calculator? Or LEGO Blockbuster and Nightwing? Or LEGO Secret Six, in a guest role? LEGO Bane and Ragdoll eyeing LEGO Savant and Creote?

What comic book do you want made into a video game?

  • Jubilee still needs a Pikachu. I’m just saying.

    (I love all of these answers.)

  • I loooove the Superhero dating sim idea. Lose points any time your significant other gets held hostage by a villain?

  • Revil Fox

    I would totally play a Superhero dating sim.

  • Amalia: do you lose or gain points for falling for your nemesis/rival/supervillain?

  • Great answers! (Though isn’t that how most of us play Sims anyway? :P)

  • Anika

    Caroline: I expect that is how many play Sims but I mean this.

    And Julia and Amalia, I love the way you think!

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