Q&A #74: What comic book characters should go on a road trip together?

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What comic book characters should go on a road trip together?


Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.”

I imagine Clare Boothe Luce is a personal hero to Carol Danvers. Carol, like Clare, has worked as author, journalist, editor, politician, and diplomat and Carol, like Clare, never stops working unless her body makes her.

Or unless one of her best girlfriends makes her. And where Carol has a few best girlfriends to choose from (and best boy-friends at that) a return to the days of MJ and CD is absolutely in order. It would, in fact, make my year. I love Mary Jane and she is the perfect person to get Carol away from it all. She’s so sparklingly down to earth and willing to roll with the punches. She gets it but she doesn’t let it get her. I picture a 4 part special. There would be an Avengers-related mission (Carol really wouldn’t just go off on vacation and even if she would they’d never make a comic of it) but it would be the ROAD TRIP with an old friend that would drive the story. Carol would say it was silly, she can fly! And MJ would say she can’t and she’s not going to put up with being carted across the country. And she’s the only one who can do {plot here} so suck it up, CD, and hey, you might even have fun! And basically it would be the Best Comic Ever. If Brian Reed is too busy, I can totally make myself available to write this.

Also, Peter Parker’s head might just explode at the idea. Adorably.


It’s not much fun to be a Teen Titan these days. Every time you turn around it seems like a member of DC Comics’ second generation is being mauled by dogs, having an arm chopped off, or taking on the identity of a (possibly) dead mentor. But the Titans used to know how to enjoy themselves, and nobody so much as my favorite green-skinned motormouth, Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy. Lately, things with the ladies in his life have just gone from bad to worse, and he can’t stick with a superhero team to save his life. That’s why he needs to re-team with his more level-headed, laconic buddy Vic “Cyborg” Stone and go for a drive. . .well, anywhere really. Maybe to outer space. Just somewhere the Titans can reconnect with the concept of fun.

Also, Beast Boy should turn into a pterodactyl at some point. Just because.


I firmly believe that road trips — in fiction, if not in real life — make everything better. Throw two characters in a car together and make them argue over the radio and the steering wheel, and you are guaranteed entertainment, no matter WHO those characters might be.

To test this theory, I propose a road trip comic about the two most useless characters I can think of off the top of my head: The Sentry and Wonder Man. Individually, I have no interest in reading about either of these characters (Jeff Parker’s Age of the Sentry and Peter David’s most recent Wonder Man miniseries notwithstanding). But if they went on a road trip? I would absolutely eat that up. I imagine a running gag where they stop at roadside diners and Wonder Man tries unsuccessfully to hit on waitresses who are way more interested in Bob, no matter how many B-list films and celebrity pals Simon namedrops. Then Bob goes and cries in a corner, unable to deal with the attention, and Simon stops sulking long enough to feel bad and try to convince his new classically-handsome BFF to try his luck in Hollywood.

Hilarity, of course, ensues.



I’m pretty sure that I have written fanfic, at least in my head if not searchable on the internet, about almost every pair or group of characters I would want to see on a road trip. If I haven’t written it, I have certainly read it.

But I think one group I haven’t yet read would be Kate Kane and Renee Montoya on a vacation across the Nevada desert, picking up a sullen, hitch-hiking, Katina Choovansky. Katchoo is, of course, on the run from Darcy Parker. Retrieval specialists converge to get Katchoo back and Kate and Renee are caught in the mess. Too much alcohol is consumed. Too many bullets are fired. There is kissing, which leads promptly to argument and accusations. (I’m not picky as to who is kissing whom, or what the fighting is about.) Cars are crashed. Identities are hidden. The sun beats down on everyone, leading to really great outfits consisting of shorts, tank-tops, hats, and fantastic lace-up hiking boots.

And now you all know WAY too much about the inside of my head.

Still, if that could ever be published, I would buy and read the hell out of it.

What comic book characters should go on a road trip together?

  • Anika

    Jennifer, your answer made me fall over laughing.

    Why isn’t there a ROAD TRIP series, like the “What If”s and the “The End”s? Someone should get on that.

  • Roadtrips totally make everything better, and I agree with all of your answers. (Caroline – I am going to send you the JLA/Titans where Beast Boy makes Cyborg stop being a planet.)

    My answer to this question is Dick Grayson and Roy Harper. (I’m sure that everyone is surprised by this. Really.) Bruce is going to come back soonish, and then Dick will be out of a job and he’ll be sad. And Roy is… in that comic that doesn’t exist.

    The point is, they both need hugs, but since DC won’t write me that, they also need to remember that they’re BFF and get back in control of their lives.

    Besides, Roy has some total road trip issues that he needs to work out.

  • sam

    Well how about Marvel having both Falcon and Battlestar get back together and hit the road? From what i understand is that neither one of them has been used that much over the years. Besides, its not like Marvel has that many Black Super Heroes running around.

  • I love these!

    That’s really all I have to say.

  • Dan

    These are all great suggestions…but, I would truly and honestly read the ever-lovin’ hell out of a Cyborg/Beast Boy road trip mini-series.

  • While a Kate Spencer & Helena Bertinelli road trip would be hella fun (and plenty of collateral damage), I may be show my hand and say Clint Barton and James Buchanan Barnes. Imagining the phone homes to Natasha, Bobbi and especially Steve would be hilarious.

  • Monica

    I would read all of these, even the DC ones, and I’ve never read Teen Titans. They all sound genius.

    I’d pick up the Ms. Marvel/MJ one fast enough to get whiplash, though. I loved the friendship they set up for them in the first few issues.

    But personally, I’d want a Carol & Wanda roadtrip. To get Wanda’s memory back. They’d drive the mountain roads of Wundagore and Transia to some magical rift where Strange thinks Wanda’s psyche might be healed (or demonic residue might be purged, because I’m still hoping that her actions were caused by possession). After Wanda is healed, the two women drive back, working through issues and having picnics.

  • Menshevik

    Anika –
    thanks for bringing back those memories, it really was a pity that they dropped MJ from Ms MARVEL when they switched writers. I too would love to see Carol and Mary Jane go on a road trip, although of course I would prefer to see it pre-OMD. Maybe one could do it as a story from the “lost years”? For instance, the time between Avengers #200 and Avengers Annual #10 is during the time that MJ was absent from the Spider-Man titles and Marvel books in general; so a story where Carol (freshly returned from Limbo) and MJ (having left New York a while after rejecting Peter’s first proposal of marriage) went on a coast-to-coast road trip would also be possible. It could end with MJ returning to her Aunt Anna in Florida and Carol deciding to settle down in San Francisco (only to be ambushed by Rogue)…

    The other ideas are also interesting. My favourite roadtrip from the comics is probably the one from “Doonesbury” (during which Mark and Mike picked up Joanie and brought her to Walden commune) while from fan-fiction I’m a sucker for the alternative version of that of Rogue and Joseph, “A Match Made…?” by Jaelle and Lady Orla http://crash.ihug.co.nz/~jaelle/match.htm

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  • These are all great suggestions in the comments!

    Julia, didn’t Jim McCann mention wanting to write a Clint/Bucky road trip at Heroes, or was that just the happy part of my brain imagining it?

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