Q&A #72: What comic book reality series would you want to watch?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question ā€” then open the floor to comments:

What comic book reality series would you want to watch?


Every season of Project Runway I have wanted them to do a Superhero challenge, and I know I am not alone. Project Rooftop is named after Runway, and friends and fans have mentioned it once or twelve times. I’ve written the challenge in my head so many ways:

Redesign a superhero costume.
Redesign a superhero costume as evening wear.
Redesign evening wear as a superhero costume.
(As you may know my fashion blog is dedicated to this one!)
Create a new look for a superhero.
Create a secret identity outfit that would easily transform into a superhero’s iconic look.

I’m pretty certain I could get a whole season out of it. Edna Mode would take Nina’s place, and for some reason I really want Hellcat to take over for Heidi. Or Vicki Vale. But Tim Gunn would stay Tim Gunn. Because he is irreplaceable.


One of my favorite Marvel storylines of the past few years happened in the late, lamented comic Cable & Deadpool. It involved Cable, the former X-Man and Messianic supersoldier, who renounced violence as a means of social change (which you would think might cramp his style of carrying enormous guns everywhere he went, but somehow didn’t) and started a Utopian community on a floating metal island. (This was before the X-Men started their floating Utopian community, and was way cooler).

Cable was the kind of guy who would always be looking for good publicity for his island Utopia, and so when reality TV came knocking, he’d be all too happy to consent to the making of Providence 24/7. (He’s already got footage of everything going on anyway, but he’d humor the crews by letting them do their own filming; anything Cable didn’t think reflected appropriately on Providence would ‘accidentally’ be destroyed when his telekinesis malfunctioned).

Naturally the show would revolve around Cable’s chief of staff and do-it-all Irene Merryweather:

But of course, every reality show needs (or at least, for some reason, every reality show has) a loudmouthed attention hog who insists on narrating his own exploits at the expense of what’s actually supposed to be going on in the show:

Basically, the filming of the show is a constant battle between Irene, who wants the crew to capture as much living history as possible, and Deadpool, who wants to monologue nonstop. Cable pretends to side with Irene, but he gives the tacit okay to the producers to use as much ‘Pool as they need to keep the ratings up. If people aren’t watching, after all, they won’t pick up the subliminal pro-Providence messages that Cable has embedded in the transmission.

For peace.


This spring I watched Dancing with the Stars, and it was the first time I’d ever been truly invested in a reality competition show. I wrote about my impressions extensively here, but they basically boiled down to this: the show is cheesy and ridiculous, but at heart it’s good-natured fun.

Good-natured fun is something I’d like to see more of in superhero comics, too, which is why my proposed reality show would be Dancing with the (Super) Stars. Picture it: superheroes who also happen to be public celebrities in some capacity, be they athletes or actors or musicians or billionaire playboys, learning to dance with seasoned dancing pros and using their powers to enhance their performances. Can’t you imagine Dazzler using her powers to light up her waltz? Beast Boy dancing the tango as a green yak? Tony Stark attempting to samba in his suit? Wonder Man getting voted off after week one because no one actually cares? The possibilities are endless!


I’ve recently, to my deep surprise, become a fan of the show Top Gear. This is a surprise because I care not one whit, jot, or iota about cars. Especially “supercars,” a ridiculous concept. Yet here I am, watching the show and loving it. I tend to zone out during all the parts where the hosts actually discuss cars. What I love to watch are the interactions between Richard, James, and Jeremy as they snark and complain their way across foreign nations. I love the contests in which they drive unreasonably bad vehicles in hideous conditions. I love racing a car against a steam train, or against a rock climber.

Therefore, I propose Ted Kord’s Top Gear. Kord is an inventor, entrepreneur, and all-around geeky guy in the DCU. He builds insane vehicle-weapon-thingys for his personal use and enjoyment. I propose that Kord host a version of Top Gear, with a different guest host each season. One season he’d have Booster Gold on, another season would feature Wonder Woman. The series would discuss high-tech modes of transportation, both those available to the public and the more experimental, superheroic variety.

Think of the ratings as The Flash races a teleportation beam!

What comic book reality series would you want to watch?

  • Dan

    How about: WOLVERINE’S BOOT CAMP. A group of at-risk inner-city youths are sent to an intensive, six-week program where they learn discipline and self-respect under the tender (?) care of everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant, Wolverine.

    “I’m the best at what I do, bub. And what I do is make you the best you can be.”

  • @Dan That might work on at-risk boys, but you know if girls were involved Logan would wind up taking them out for ice cream instead (grumbling all the while). :)

    Great ideas, everyone!

  • Dan

    Maybe, Jennifer…but they’d be ice-cream-eating ninjas by the end of it.

  • Anika

    @Jennifer @Dan — COLONEL LOGAN’S ICE CREAM SOCIAL would be the two hour special during sweeps.

    And Jen, I love you for the sentence “Wonder Man getting voted off after week one because no one actually cares”.

    I want us to have a whole week’s worth of Primetime Programming, yay!


    Wasp is a guest judge! So is Mad Mod!

    But I also want to second Anika’s earlier suggestion of Real World Titans Tower. šŸ˜€

  • I third Project Runway. Millie the Model could be a guest judge, if only to watch Tim be flustered and charmed.

    Maybe a Runway/Top Gear crossover for best armor? Can you be fashionable *and* functional?

    An Green Lantern themed version of American Idol? “Do you think you make the grade?”

    Fortunately secret identities will prevent us ever from having to endure the Real Housewives of Gotham City or its ilk.

  • I’d want to watch this (and I actually CAN, hence the link ahaha):


  • I love ALL of these, of course, though I have to say that I would not want to be the one to tell Booster that he was ONLY appearing on one season of TKTG. I’m guessing he finds a way to weasel his way back in. Possibly he would audition as a contestant, in disguise.

  • @Caroline Well, during season two, Booster will be busy with Dancing with the Super Stars. Obviously.

  • Monica

    I’d like to see Marvel’s Illuminati brought onto QI – hosted by Stephen Fry – and all taken down a peg. It would be both hilarious and emotionally satisfying.

  • I LOVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS, especially Project Runway.