Q&A #68: What tabloid headline about a comic book character would you like to see?

In Q & A, a weekly feature of Fantastic Fangirls, we ask our staff to tackle a simple question — then open the floor to comments:

What tabloid headline about a comic book character would you like to see?


Well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ra’s Al-Ghul; Emma Frost; Lex Luthor
Norman Osborn; Oliver Queen
Tony Stark; Karen Starr; Bruce Wayne

We wanted to include Victor Von Doom but . . . he’s scary.

Modeled by: Liam Neeson; Nicole Kidman; Billy Zane
Willem Dafoe; Thomas Jane
Robert Downey Jr.; Katee Sackhoff; Christian Bale



Founding X-lady Jean Grey hit the town in-style last night, looking none the worse for the five years she spent being “differently alive.” In fact, if that camera isn’t lying to us, a stretch in the White Hot Room does wonders for a girl’s skin!

But if that bare left hand is anything to go on, don’t call her Mrs. Summers — not unless you want to see her let loose with the Dark Phoenix side. No word on what Jeanie’s return means for Mr. Summers and his sometime squeeze Emma Frost. But ladies, hold onto your guys, because the original Marvel Girl is back on the market.

Thanks to actress Alicia Witt for posing for this picture, especially since she didn’t know she was doing it.


This isn’t so much a tabloid headline I’d like to see as a headline star. Specifically, Dazzler. Because, for the first time in her entire publishing history, Dazzler is actually relevant — as the exact superhero equivalent of Lady GaGa.

The disco themes. The blonde hair. The wild costumes and makeup. The crazy stage show. Dazzler, as originally conceived, is Lady GaGa. Or perhaps Lady GaGa is the human incarnation of Dazzler. Either way, GaGa’s current success gives us a look at what Dazzler could be right now (and probably IS, in-universe, given Matt Fraction’s portrayal of her playing clubs in San Francisco in Uncanny).

When Dazzler first arrived on the scene, she’d already missed the height of the disco craze, and since then her changing image (her 80s sweatband days, the pink-haired punky days in the early 2000s, even her goth-punk Ultimate incarnation) has always been one step behind the real-life musical equivalents. But the tide has finally turned, and it’s Dazzler’s time to shine, in back-to-basics GaGa style. I don’t exactly wish “Is she really a man?” headlines on her, but headlines about her love life and paparazzi shots taken to critique her fashion sense? That should definitely be happening.

Meanwhile, someone should probably investigate Lady GaGa’s latent mutant powers.




Scott Summers on teary-beery-binge with guy-pal Logan, says “I’m not the father.

A confidential source close to the royal mutant couple confirms that Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, can’t possibly be the father of Emma’s child. “No more mutants,” the source added.

What tabloid headline about a comic book character would you like to see?

  • Dan

    @Anika I love that my Katee Sackhoff as Power Girl movement is still going strong.

    @Jennifer Lady Gaga still scares me…

  • Caroline

    So, umm. . .Katee HAS had “work done”?

    And Sigrid. . .so who IS the father??? (do we have to photoshop James Purefoy as Namor for this?)

  • I have an award for you guys on my blog– http://hellia.blogspot.com I don’t know if you all are into blog awards or anything, but I wanted to give you all the mention!

    I think for a headline no one could go wrong with some good old fashioned love triangle Jean/Logan/Scott action. “Wolverine and Cyclops Brawl Behind Jean’s Back!” “Jean steps in to stop a fist fight on the red carpet!” you know, that kind of thing?

  • Anika

    Amalia, thank you! We really appreciate the feedback and I am just glowing from your praise!

    And absoLUTEly the love triangle would be a constant sell — and there are many, there’s a comic arc in Avengers that actually includes Vision/Wanda/Simon showing up as a celebrity news story!!

  • Selena

    Henry Hellrung: Comeback in Mitchell Hundred biopic?

  • @Selena YES PLEASE!!!! (Though in my world, he may have to fight Adrian Pasdar for it.)

  • Given the (ahem) lengths Warren Ellis went to to show us how SCOTTANDEMMAARETOTALLYDOINITYOUGUYS, I think we might need Maury Povich to sort that story out.

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