Iron Man Noir #1

by Sigrid

Briefly, Scott Snyder has captured the essential qualities of Tony Stark in Iron Man Noir #1.

The gist is simple — a pulp tale of high adventure, dastardly double-crosses, loyal friends, beautiful assistants, Nazis, and lost tombs of treasure. What I like about this story is the way the nature of the characters remains true through the translation into a past fictional world. Tony is arrogant, inspiring, and driven. Rhodey is the best friend a man could have. Pepper is witty enough to match Tony’s verbal sparring. And all of Marvel’s old Nazi-based villains are here, back in their proper environment.

People swing from vines. Wrestle giant snakes underwater. Inexplicably come across beautiful young women. Meddle with Powers That Best Lie Sleeping. And the best reveal of all is Jarvis, who I now madly adore.

I haven’t previously heard of this creative team, or possibly I have and I don’t recall them. But I’ll remember them now. Manuel Garcia and Lorenzo Ruggiero do a great job on the art. Specifically, the women look attractive but very realistic. And the art on the Jarvis reveal at the end made me clap with glee. The colors, by Marta Martinez, do a solid job of evoking a pulp-era story — lots of browns and sepias, with jewel-like caves and brilliant fires. The script, by Scott Snyder, is letter-perfect. The banter is light and witty, the re-interpretations are delightful, and the plot feels like the adventure classics I love. Thank you, Mr. Snyder.

If you love Indiana Jones, if you’ve read King Solomon’s Mines or Mysterious Island, if you have an inexplicable fondness for the recent Mummy series of movies, or if you merely love Tony Stark, I strongly suggest you check this out.

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  • This book really made me grin from ear to ear.

    The way they worked Pepper in was my ‘clap with glee’ moment.

    I know Mr. Snyder is writing the ‘American Vampire’ feature that’s paired up with Stephen King’s comic, and this definitely makes me more curious about that. And the art was perfect for it. The whole thing is just ingeniousl

  • sigrid

    @Caroline Of all the Noir titles so far, I think this is my favorite. Followed by X-Men Noir.

  • I liked a lot of the concepts in X Men Noir but I was never really convinced that had a reason to exist as a noir/pulp book. Ditto with the Spider-Man Noir — it was a good story but the AU-ness of it seemed incidental. This is the first time I’ve been like, “Hellz YEAH, Tony Stark SHOULD have lived in that time and done those things.”

  • Monica

    I saw the description of this earlier, and decided to pass it by. Alternate universes generally aren’t my thing, and I worried about the ability of the writer to capture and transplant more of Tony Stark than just the ‘wealthy womanizer’ that most people sum him up as.

    But I’ll pick it up now that I’ve heard that the writing is good and that Pepper and Rhodey have good roles.

  • sigrid

    @Monica The writer is doing a nice job of making Stark the whole Tony package, and I like that.

    @Caroline I liked the AU for X-Men because, well, I like AUs and I like noir and I like X-Men. :) But you are right, this one FITS.