Q&A #65: What in comics fandom are you looking forward to?

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What in comics fandom are you looking forward to?


Honestly, I’m mostly scared of what’s upcoming in comic fandom. But I am looking forward to two things involving two supporting ladies. First, after reading this interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick, I want her to write a novel about Pepper — but at least, I really want to read that story (Rescue, available May 5). Kelly Sue gets Pepper Potts and appreciates her as she is and as she could be. Way too many people only ever see (and write about) “or” — for many characters, but especially for female characters, and especially especially for female support characters. So I am looking forward to that one shot.

And second, I am very excited for New Avengers and particularly for Jessica Jones’ emergence as an Avenger. You know. A real one. Jessica is being set up to go through a transition, too. That is nearly my favorite thing to read about. And to get her through it she’s got her own support system: Luke, Carol, Peter, Logan and, well, okay, Ben. I’m not really sure what to think of Ben Grimm on my team but you know what? I’m looking forward to finding out.


It’s obvious, but it’s true:

Iron Man 2 will be out in a little less than a month, and I’ve been anticipating this movie since approximately 1 second after the end of the original Iron Man. First of all, because I am hoping it will be just as much fun as the first movie — a chance to watch Robert Downey, Jr. do whatever that thing is that he’s been conquering the world with over the last few years. Plus, Sam Rockwell! John Slattery! War Machine! There’s a lot to love.

More than that, though, as argued in this article, the best thing about Iron Man was the way it ended. While many sequels flounder around trying to recapture magic, and find a reason to exist beyond “Make more money,” Iron Man 2 is a sequel that really needs to happen. Two years ago, we were left wondering what was next for Tony Stark. Soon, we’ll have a chance to find out.


Some people complain that Brian Michael Bendis writes comics where people just sit around talking about their feelings and never do anything. These people are crazy. That is the very best thing about comics by Brian Michael Bendis. As a technique, it elevates mainstream superhero comics from the level of inconsequential fight scenes and shock value twists to a higher plane of layered characterization and emotional richness. My favorite thing that Bendis has ever written, and possibly my favorite single issue of all time, is Civil War: The Confession, in which Tony Stark spends half of the issue sobbing over Steve Rogers’ dead body and trying to put into words all of his grief and defensive guilt.

So when I heard about Avengers Prime, a bookend of sorts to The Confession, I may have jumped up and down and flailed my arms like a little girl. This 5-issue summer miniseries promises to follow Steve, Tony, and Thor as they try to repair their broken relationships with each other in the wake of Siege. And while there’s going to be some superhero mission going on as a pretext for that conversation, it’s those emotions and relationships that will be the heart of the book. Bendis has even described it as “superhero couples retreat”, which is pretty much the most perfect thing I could possibly imagine. The relationships between these three men have shaped the Marvel Universe for the better part of the last decade, and this story is one I’ve been waiting for since at least the end of Civil War. I, like many readers, am intensely invested in the relationships between these men, Steve and Tony in particular, and I trust Bendis completely to provide the emotional catharsis we so desperately desire.


Birds of Prey is coming back. With Gail Simone writing it. And Ed Benes on art. This is the creative team that got me into the DCU, the comic that let me recognize the awesome terrifyingness of Barbara Gordon. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What are you looking forward to?

  • sigrid

    For the record, I am looking forward to ALL of these things. Though the Couples Retreat I want to see is Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, and Wanda Maximoff. Just sayin’.

  • Dan

    Since I’ve already gotten Kitty back, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is Marvel’s “Heroic Age.”

    I’ve not hidden the fact that Civil War more or less chased me away from the Marvel Universe for years. Regardless of whether or not it was a good story (and most people would say it was, I think), I just didn’t like heroes–friends–fighting each other. So, after Secret Invasion and Dark Reign (both of which were amazing), I’m be happy to see the heroes step out into the light again.

  • I am looking forward to all of the things that you mentioned! Maybe I am not as done with comics as I thought.

    I’m also looking forward to Heroes Con. 😀

  • Oh man– I hadn’t heard of that Avengers Prime, but I’m DYING to read it now! Thanks for the heads up!

    I’d like to second the anticipation for Iron Man 2! And I’m really interested in seeing how things come together for the Thor movie (it involves a lot of begging higher powers to make it good, and not awful).

    Great post!

  • Spectacular Spider-girl, Birds of Prey, and Iron Man II. Spider-girl because she’s one of my favorite characters, and while I’m still grabbing-up her TPB’s (what? relatively new to superhero comics! what can I say?), I love to know that her story’s still going. Birds of Prey got me interested in the DCU and got me to check out series I never would have looked at other wise. I will probably suspend my TPB-loving habits to see what’s in the first issue. And Iron Man II because, well, everything Caroline said. The first was just too fun for me to not look forward to the sequel.

    After those three, I’m curious about the Heroic Age, too. I want to know what the overall tone will be.

  • Caroline

    I love all this enthusiasm, and I agree with absolutely everything that people have mentioned looking forward to.

    So. The only comment I really have to add is — Brian Bendis’s idea of a ‘couples retreat’ involves three dudes?

  • sigrid

    I have an addendum. I just found out that Dylan Meconis and Sara Ryan are doing a Bordertown comic. HOLY BUCKETS.


  • Sam

    YES, BoP. I’m hoping that maybe Kate Kane or Manhunter can pop in, since they’re both getting the shaft (erm) in their own stories.

    I’m excited about the announcement of Paul Cornell writing Action Comics. I became a fan of his through Doctor Who, and I’ve loved pretty much all the comics I’ve read of his, but particularly Black Widow: Deadly Origins.

    While I’m not looking forward to Bruce Wayne’s return, I AM looking forward to how the Gotham characters I DO like (Tim, Steph, and Damian) react. I’m also excited for the Flash ongoing, even if it’s with the wrong Flash. I just love Flashes too much to not be excited.

  • That is the very best thing about comics by Brian Michael Bendis.

    I think the problem comes when Bendis lets his inner Tarantino loose in the books that are supposed to have big fight scenes. As an event, Siege feels too similar to one of his $2.50 Daredevil books – only it costs $3.99!

  • Selena

    So. The only comment I really have to add is — Brian Bendis’s idea of a ‘couples retreat’ involves three dudes?

    Caroline – did he ever pretend to be a monoshipper? Besides, Thor’s human alter ego is a doctor which is always useful. I’m just saying.

  • Hawkeye & Mockingbird ongoing by McCann & Lopez. I loved New Avengers: Reunion and really wanted some form of continuation.

    And add me to the “Is it May 7th yet?” for Iron Man 2. Like Caroline, I came out of the first movie, thinking “Can there be more superhero movies like that please?”

  • @Selena I’m just a little puzzled by the math. What does the third wheel do while the other two are. . .well. . . maybe ‘couples’ isn’t the best word for it, is what I’m saying.

    And to be clear, by no means, in any way shape or form, do I mean this as a complaint.

  • @Caroline: I think it makes sense on a couple of levels:

    1) Steve and Thor (and maybe Don, I don’t know) both had axes to grind with Tony before his recent brain re-boot (which I still think is a dirty cheat by Fraction, but that’s another story). So Tony is in a position where he has to reconcile both of these grudges while reconciling them with himself.
    2) Marvel is apparently dead-set on making them into a “Trinity” a la DC. Which is all sorts of lame in and of itself, but again, another story.

  • The Hawkeye and Mockingbird series. Further exploration of the new WCA? Yes please!

    The new New Avengers lineup. For everything Anika said.

    The continuation of S.H.I.E.L.D, and not just for more adventures of Anthony Stark and Nathaniel Richards Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, even if that’s a big plus for me.

    Aaaand, the obvious one for me, issues 579 and 580 of the FF.

  • Anonymous

    Yes to all of these! But especially Rescue (OMG about time Pepper gets the spotlight) and New Avengers (Jessica Jones & Carol!). The concept of Avengers Prime seems so awesome I’m hesitant to look forward to it. Can it really carry on the complexity and beauty of Confession?

    I’d add Heralds to the list of things I’m dying to see.

  • Anika

    @Aboynamedart I have to give you a high five for saying Bendis has an inner Tarantino. Made me grin.

  • I take it back – the thing I might be most looking forward to is the Darkwing Duck comic. 😀