Introducing the Fantastic Fangirls (Comic) Book Club!

Here at Fantastic Fangirls, each of us spends a lot of time talking about the comics that each of us likes. It isn’t that often, though, that we all get to talk about the same book at the same time. The four of us have different tastes and different schedules, and there are so many comics out there, that — especially when we add you, our readers, to the equation — we can’t always be on the same page.

That’s why we’re introducing the Fantastic Fangirls (Comic) Book Club. Once a month (or so), we’ll pick a book for all four of us to read, or re-read. Once we’re done, we’ll post a roundtable discussion about the chosen book, and invite our readers to contribute their comments as well.

Sounds easy, right? Since this is a new idea, we want to give lots of lead time. The discussion will start, on this site, on Monday, April 5. The book we’ve chosen is. . .

Strangers in Paradise, Pocket Book 1, written and drawn by Terry Moore. This book collects the first sixteen issues of Moore’s groundbreaking independent comic, which began in the ’90s and wrapped up in 2007. Why Strangers? Lots of reasons. It was one of the most successful independent comics of recent years. It’s loved by many, hated by some, and for a lot of readers — including more than one of the Fantastic Fangirls — it’s one of those books you’re always meaning to read, but never get started because there’s just so much of it.

Whichever of those categories you fall into, we hope you’ll read along with us, and come back to discuss!

The book is available for purchase directly from the author for $17.95, and should be easily available online, at most comics retailers and bookstores, or (if you’re town’s cooler than mine) the public library.

  • handyhunter

    Awesome idea! Plus, good incentive to read this book, which I’ve been meaning to.

  • Oh, excellent! I look forward to this.

  • Cash

    Cool! I haven’t ever read the whole SiP saga, but I’ve been meaning to. This will give me a good reason to go back and read the early issues.

  • I’ll be interested in seeing what y’all have to say about this, as it’s one of the few comics I’ve actually, you know… read. :)

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  • i picked this up yesterday since i just happened to be by a comic store. i cannot resist a book club :)

  • @Kelly — Excellent, we’ll be looking forward to your perspective! It’s kind of funny because, although this wasn’t our intention in picking it, “Strangers” is often named as the comic to give to women to get them into comics (and the fact that this whole dialogue exists is another issue, but. . .) Anyway, it’s funny that there are four women running this site, and only one of us has ever read it!

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