Q & A 6: If you were going to dress up as a comic book character for Halloween, who would it be?

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“If you were going to dress up as a comic book character for Halloween, who would it be?:


Well, of course I have. So I can’t really answer “were I going to”, but here are some of the costumes I’ve considered. I’ve never been my favorite super heroine, Polaris, because her outfits are pretty universally regarded as awful (the worst offender being the bat-wing costume which is basically a Morrigan rip off). I’ve never been Starfire or Ms. Marvel because they don’t wear enough (I do own Carol Danvers’ boots, however, so you never know!). But the question isn’t who am I not going to be.

I think if I were going to be someone no one expected I’d choose Supergirl or rope my family into the Fantastic Four. Not this version, however:

Sue Storm’s a scientist, not a stripper.


There aren’t really any Marvel or DC characters I’d consider dressing up as, but Buffy Season 8 is a legitimate comic book powerhouse. So I think it counts to say that I was once a vampire slayer for a Halloween party. This basically consisted of throwing a black leather jacket over jeans and a skimpy blouse. I also bought a necklace with a cross on it, the only one I’ve ever owned (it didn’t occur to me until later that my date to the party was Jewish; but he was also a Buffy fan, so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t offended that I had purchased a Christian artifact especially for the occasion). I tucked a stake(actually the handle of a wooden kitchen spoon with the end vaguely whittled on) into my belt. Most importantly, I bought a pair of high heeled boots that were almost impossible to walk in, because I’ve always theorized that the greatest Slayer power is kicking ass in impossible shoes. (Ironically, I still own these boots, forget that I bought them especially for that purpose, and end up wearing them on days when I need to do a lot of walking.) I didn’t identify as any particular Slayer, but I have long, dark, layered hair, so I was certainly trying to give off a “Faith” vibe. In retrospect, dark red “Harlot” lipstick would have completed the look. I keep intending to modify the same costume, get an ankh necklace, and go as Death, from Sandman. Maybe one of these years.


I’ve never considered dressing up as a comic book character, and I doubt I ever will. My little brother is the cosplayer in my family, and while he’s perfectly comfortable dressing up as comic book or manga or anime characters of all kinds (with months of elaborate preparation), I prefer to blend into the background as much as possible. (My last creative costume was the time I was a duck in second grade. I quacked through the whole school parade.) Still, there are some amazing costumes in comic books, and some amazing female characters, and if I had the confidence and the looks, I would be really tempted to dress up as Wanda Maximoff, whose costume (and most of the variations on that basic design) is, in my opinion, the best to be found in comics.

(Though she’s given a run for her money with Jean Grey’s Marvel Girl miniskirt costume, another one I’d wear for Halloween in a perfect world.)


Much as I might love certain comics book characters — Rachel Grey, Barbara Gordon, Kitty Pryde, — they have a trait in common which I manifestly do not share. They are all thin. Not only are they thin, they are fit and toned, sleekly muscled, graceful, physically competent. I am . . . . pretty much none of those things. For me to dress as any of those characters would not make me happy. I would merely be aware that I did not in any way look anything like the character in question. But there is a comic book character that I love that I could dress as. One who has dark hair, a round face, and a body I could have pretended to ten years ago.

Francine from Strangers in Paradise.

Francine’s the one with the pink towel on her head. Yep. That’d be me.


What about you? If you were going to dress up as a comic book character for Halloween, who would it be?

  • Dan

    Taking a page out of Caroline’s book, one year I went to a party as Spike. It was a pretty easy thing to throw together, plus I got to speak with a Cockney accent all night (and I did, until I was too drunk). Another year, I went as Clark Kent, complete with Daily Planet press pass (a Superman t-shirt provided a poorly-obscured “S” shield beneath my “civilian” clothes).

    If I had the time and money, though, I’d love to dress up as Hellboy. If nothing else, I’ve got the build for it.

  • In any form of lycra I’m enough to scare anyone.

    Think I might go as bat-caring man-servant Alfred…

  • sigrid

    Oh. The Bat-wing Polaris is *awful*. Oh my. my my my. Oh Anika, that’s just appalling.

    Caroline, I think you are cheating! 😛

    Jennifer, you should absolutely dress as mini-skirt Jean.

  • If I made the costume or something, I’d go as Gambit. But I’d probably also do an Invincible or Cable just to be bad ass.

    This year though, I’m going all out and painting my body with paint and going as the Hulk. Mind you, I’m no monster-sized guy nor ripped beyond belief, but it’s just going to be fun wearing purple pants, a ripped t-shirt and green pants all night with no shoes. This also adds to my friends and I all going as Avengers… so far we have a Thor, Wolverine, Captain America and myself. A friend of ours is thinking of going as Nick Fury, so it should be a fun Halloween for us.

  • Caia

    Two years ago, I was Green Lantern (gender swapped Hal, to be precise; I have his coloring already, so it was simpler than trying to make myself up to be Katma or somebody). This year, with a fairly large amount of trepidation, I’m going as Black Canary. (Something closer to the classic version than the current one; slightly warmer that way!)

  • sigrid

    @Mike Rapin

    Dude, that is awesome.

  • Caroline

    @Sigrid She’s in a comic book!!!

    I really could do ‘Death’ without much problem, though. I would just have to be going some place where people would get it, which isn’t the case this year.

  • Margot

    I am going as Batgirl this year.

    However, Halloween is tomorrow, and my costume is not done yet. Oops? I have a cape and a mask and boots (that are sadly not yellow, but I’ll deal) and a black bodysuit thing. It just doesn’t have a bat symbol on it. Yet.

    But yeah, Barbara Gordon for me.

  • This year, I will be joining Mike Rapin’s Avengers and going as Wolverine. I’m pretty excited about it. Though I am not even close to as buff as Logan, I am hairy and short, so I think it works. I’m even shaving my precious beard into the trademark sideburns and I’ve been letting my hair grow for a couple of months to get the right hairstyle going. Still not perfect, but it’s getting there. Other than that, I am throwing on a pair of jeans, wearing a white t-shirt under a leather jacket and borrowing a friend’s cowboy boots. Then I just have to figure out the claws (thinking cardboard painted silver) and I am set. Hopefully it turns out right.

  • Twyst

    Lycra = noooo thanks!

    Anika: That Morrigan ripoff is staggering in the amount of copied detail, wow! (tho i love morrigan, so i kind of like it, i am conflicted!)
    I am going to be Red Ridinghood this year, so i *guess* i could be B.B. Hood from Darkstalkers (they had comics! (but she wasnt in them ;)), i would just need to add a gun to my basket.

  • Caroline: I went as Death one year. My friend did a good job with the face paint and I had plenty of black clothes (college years). We were an interesting group: Death, Tintin and Charlie Chaplin, strolling through the Castro.

  • sigrid


    So many of us had the right black clothes during college. During college, I went to a Halloween “party” (drinking, loud music, sticky floor) as a decker from the Shadowrun role-playing game. Mostly because that’s what I looked like all the time.

  • handyhunter

    If I go as Hisako, I can dress up in my pajamas?

  • Jess

    I went as Rogue one year. I think I was twelve, maybe thirteen? I cut up one of those vampire wigs with the white hair to match her style (my mother was ready to kill me), wore gloves and a brown jacket and my mom helped me create the rest of the costume. Oh green and yellow era. Oh and the lopsided belt on the hip.

    I talked with a Southern accent for at least a month.

    This year I was a witch. :)

  • Misfit! Or Gert Yorkes! There’s also a tiny part of me that wants to be Franklin Richards from Son of A Genius with a little HERBIE plushie… I would dress up like a comics character for Halloween so badly if I had somewhere to go!

    Like Sigrid, I don’t look like anyone in comics. I think the closest would be Gert, and that involves dying my hair purple, but I certainly have the glasses!

  • lilacsigil

    Do adults (or teenagers) often dress up as comicbook characters for Halloween? I see a lot of talk about what people would like to do, but very few pictures of people dressing up that are not at conventions of some kind. How much is Halloween an adult party too?

    Thanks for helping the ignorant Australian!

  • Twyst

    @lilacsigil yep! At least here (Canada) they do. There are usually a lot of costume of whomever is popular that year via movies and such. Right now in our office we have: Death (grim reaper style), an injured ninja (throwing star in head), V (V for Vendetta), Batman, and later the n+ ninja (game we made) and little red riding hood.

  • Caroline

    @lilacsigil Yeah, adult costume parties for Halloween are pretty common — or costume contests at work, in bars, etc. It’s not so much that people are obligated to dress up, but some people definitely go all out. Superheroes tend to be popular even among people who aren’t especially fannish. For fannish people, it’s almost a rule.

    We had a Borg at a party I went to once, which was frighteningly authentic. I don’t know how they did it, but it was terrifying.

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